Neighbours: Karl and Sheila do battle – but what’s Dr K hiding?

It's not very neighbourly in Ramsay Street next week...


Community spirit is notably lacking in Neighbours next week when Karl Kennedy and Sheila Canning go head-to-head to lead the Liveability committee – and things get very dirty. 


As the Kennedys return from their trip to Thailand, there’s tension between the couple – but why? As rumours become have among the Ramsay Street residents as to what really happened on their holiday, Karl confides in Shane Rebecchi that he committed a ‘shameful act’ while they were away – and he’s in the doghouse with Susan. But that’s all the details he’s prepared to divulge for now…

With Sonya’s Liveability initiative needing a figurehead, Karl and Sheila bicker about who’s best for the job, so Son arranges for the locals to vote on the matter.


Sheila clocks Susan isn’t at the voting to support her husband she challenges her opponent as to why – and edgy Karl thinks his nosy neighbour knows all about his mysterious Thailand secret… Bluffing that she knows everything, ashamed Karl withdraws from the race and Sheila is declared victorious.

Assuming that Karl must’ve cheated on his missus on their trip (it’s not like he hasn’t got form on the wandering eye front), Sheila and Dipi Rebecchi rush over to Susan to offer their support.


Meanwhile, Karl finally reveals the shocking truth to Shane – so what did he really do? Has he betrayed Susan again? Or is there a more innocent – or embarrassing – explanation? And will Sheila ever let Karl live down his defeat?

Neighbours airs these scenes on Friday 11 August on Channel 5 at 1.45pm and 5.30pm.