Love Island’s Kem and Amber are joining Good Morning Britain’s presenting team – what will Piers Morgan say?

The couple will join the team for a week at the end of August


A week after the public crowned Kem and Amber the king and queen of Love Island, the couple have announced that they are set to become presenters on ITV’s Good Morning Britain.


Kem and Amber revealed to hosts Eamonn Holmes and Charlotte Hawkins that they will be joining the team at the end of August as guest showbiz and entertainment presenters.

“We’re going to be taking our best mate Piers [Morgan’s] role on the show,” Kem joked, before adding that in reality they will be filling in for GMB’s entertainment editor Richard Arnold for a week, and that they will be on hand to deliver showbiz and entertainment news for the nation’s early risers.

The addition of the reality stars will undoubtedly draw some ire from regular GMB presenter Piers Morgan, who has made no secret of his hatred for Love Island in the past, calling the show a “cretinous bunch of people behaving in a more cretinous manner” designed to turn his brain into a “lump of molten porridge”. He is currently on holidays in Beverly Hills, and is due to miss their stint on the show. 

Morgan’s grievances aside, could this be the beginning of a new career for the Love Island winners, or will they, like many reality stars, be mere relics of a summer hit in a few months’ time? Only time will tell.


Kem and Amber will present showbiz and entertainment news on Good Morning Britain in the final week of August