Game of Thrones season 7 episode 3 – live blog

Will Jon meet Daenerys? What's Euron's next move? And what will Arya find when she returns to Winterfell? Find out all this and more in our 2am simulcast live blog


Hello, valar morghulis and welcome to our Game of Thrones live blog! We’re here to follow all the twists and turns of this week’s episode as it’s broadcast at 2am GMT (9pm for viewers in the US), so why not saddle your dragon, throw on some furs and join us for another adventure in Westeros?


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03.22: Think most people’s takeaway from this week’s episode will be the Jon/Dany stuff – that already seems to be the theme of a lot of the coverage I’ve seen – but from Euron to Olenna, Cersei to Sam and Jon with Tyrion there was plenty of other stuff to love in this particular adventure. 

But alas, it’s a love I must leave as I take my own poison (cold and flu medicine) and retreat to my great fortress (bedroom) to plot anew (try to sleep while idly scrolling through Twitter).

As always it’s been a pleasure, and see you all next week! August is Coming.

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03.16: Episode 4 trailer is here – looks like a big one for Mark Gatiss talking about money, Brienne goes a-battlin’ (it’s been a while since she did much, so I’m all for it) and Dany finally loses patience with Tyrion’s softly, softly approach as yet more of her allies bite the dust. 

Take a look for yourself and as ever, get hype.

03.12: Oh, and that Olenna scene – great way for the character to go out. And Euron! Gah, there’s a lot to like about this episode. Except creepy Bran – we’ve had enough of you already, creepy Bran.

03.10: I think I’ll go with Bryan Cogman on this one – that was a doozy of an episode. Nice mix of action and slower dialogue scenes – and sometimes the latter were even more exciting! Jon and Dany meeting was actually a lot more interesting than I expected, too. Sparks did indeed fly, lads.

03.08: Olenna finally reveals that she killed Joffrey.

“Tell Cersei – I want her to know it was me.”

Oh that’s the end! Bit sudden.

03.07: Jaime’s letting her die by poison. Painless! He’s not so bad, in Game of Thrones terms. He’s still kind of murdering an old lady, though.

03.05: Don’t talk yourself down Olenna – I still think you have….


Nice that they’re giving her a chatty send-off. Diana Rigg can EMOTE.

03.03: Jaime has actually done some pretty good tactics here – he’s stolen Robb Stark’s trick from the Whispering Wood, back in series 1. Bet those soldiers at Casterly Rock were loving being left behind as bait.

03.02: Meanwhile, Jaime has taken the Lannister army elsewhere, with the Tarlys and Bronn. They’re going for Dany’s last ally – Olenna Tyrell in Highgarden. Noooo save Olenna.

02.59: Tyrion is talking through the assault as it happens onscreen – heist music!

So Tyrion hid a secret passage in the Rock when he built the sewers – and he’s quoted Bronn! The Unsullied have done it. But was it too easy? 

Grey Worm thinks so…

Oh no! Euron’s destroyed THEIR ships now too, and stranded them there.

02.58: Dany’s War Council is looking quite depleted now – but will the assault on Casterly Rock work out where literally all of Tyrion’s other plans have failed??

02.57: Jim Broadbent (I’m never gonna learn his character name) basically says it was nice of Sam to save Jorah, but can’t throw him a big party because he broke the rules – gave him lines! I wasn’t far off with the detention.

02.56: Sam’s been sent to the Principal’s office. He’s SO gonna get detention.

02.54: Jorah is cured! His excuse is basically “I had a good sleep and I now feel better.” Surprisingly, Jim Broadbent is not convinced by this well thought-out deception…

Now Jorah’s off to find Dany. Maybe he can get the family sword back off Jon!

02.53: Maybe Bran’s new Zen attitude comes from his….


02.52: Oh wow, he’s kinda condescending and creepy now. He’s describing her nasty wedding to Ramsay, like a serial killer would. I liked him better when he was a whiney kid.

02.51: Oh and Bran’s back! That was sudden. He’s being all mystical, saying ‘I am the Three-Eyed Raven’ like people will just understand what that means.

02.50: He says “Fight every battle, always…in your mind.”

02.49: Would Sansa know about leather on armour? Hmm. Sansa has no time for Littlefinger though, which I appreciate. HOW has no-one punched his lights out yet?

02.48: We’re back, and up in Winterfell for the first time tonight. Sansa is doing good management, but they don’t have enough food for some reason. I blame Ramsay.

02.45: I bet there’s a whole new load of Jon/Dany “shippers” (as the kids say) after this episode. Ice and Fire indeed.


02.43: Oh good, Dany is letting him take the dragonglass. Guess you could say she’s….THRONE him a bone there, eh? Now an advert break.

02.42: Jon and Dany, chatting again! Yeah the whole “White Walkers are a myth” argument doesn’t hold up to much scrutiny when there are three dragons zooming around.

02.41: “Are you trying to present your own statements as ancient wisdom?”

We’ve all been there, Tyrion. And yeah, why not give him the dragonglass? Not much use for you.

02.40: Jon only NOW asks about the Dragonglass? Jeez. Open with that, right?

02.39: Good scene, this. I reckon Jon’ll work it out and convince everyone EVENTUALLY, otherwise season 8 will be a real downer.

02.37: Tyrion to Jon: “You look better brooding than me.” He’s ruining Tyrion’s brooding spots!

02.35: Oh he has money in slaves, I like him less now. Cersei seems to have convinced him to back her because Dany is a dirty hippy, to paraphrase.

02.33: Cersei is flaunting her twincest now – and Mark Gatiss has turned up! The onetime Radio Times guest editor plays a representative of the Iron Bank of Braavos, Tycho Nestoris. He’s calling in the debts. And has shaved his beard, apparently.

02.32: ooh-er – Cersei’s gone a little frisky with Jaime after that.

02.31: Cersei kissed Tyene – killing her with the same potion Ellaria used to kill Myrcella.

“Your daughter will die here in this cell – and you will be here in this cell while she does.”

And then Ellaria will be stuck in here with the rotting body forever apparently. Lovely.

02.29: We’re back! Cersei is taunting Ellaria with Oberyn’s death, and reminding me of the best reaction gif of all time from that very scene:


Now Cersei seems to be about to get ironic revenge by killing Ellaria’s daughter JUST like Ellaria killed Myrcella. Think we’ll be wanting to use that gif a few times going forward….

02.26: I feel bad for Theon though. I know he killed those two kids in season 2, but in Game of Thrones terms that makes him practically a saint. Hasn’t he suffered enough by now?

02.24: And now we’re in the first ad break! So far the best episode of this series I’d say – Jon/Dany scenes exceeded my expectations, and Euron is horribly funny to watch.

02.22: Euron is asking for sex tips for Cersei? “A finger in the bum???” is a line I never expected to hear in Game of Thrones.

Fancy some inappropriate banter? Mr Greyjoy says…


(like you’re on. I firmly believe the best jokes should be spelled out)

02.21: There you go – Euron’s “gift” was the Sand Snakes. Cersei is pretty happy, shall we say. He still wants a wife, but she’s putting him off until the war is won.

02.18: Theon has been saved. Remaining Ironborn have found him, but are VERY DISAPPOINTED in him for not trying hard enough to save Yara. He does have a tough life.

Now Euron is parading through the streets, blowing kisses at the crowd and dragging Ellaria Sand, Yara and Tyene Sand behind him.

Euron is great fun, I have to say. Something very compelling about a villain who just enjoys himself.

02.17: Great scene, this. Jon and Dany fighting, not giving each other any ground. A lot of fun to watch, he said with unusual sincerity.

02.16: Now Davos listing Jon’s accomplishments too. Jon stops him talking about the fact that he was brought back from the dead.

02.15: Dany is listing all her horrors, and espousing the faith she has in herself. Great self-esteem, good example for the kiddies, I say.

“You’ll be ruling over a graveyard if we don’t defeat the Night King,” is Jon’s retort.

02.13: Jon is trying to persuade Dany that the army of the dead is real. Nice to see someone reacting realistically to this rather than just taking him on faith for once. She’s not having it. It IS a tough sell.

02.12: Summary of the conversation so far:


02.11: “You’re not guilty of your father’s crimes. And I’m not beholden to my ancestor’s vows.”

The Dragon Queen just got BURNED.

02.10: Daenerys is invoking history to try and make Jon bend the knee. He’s pointing out that her dad burned his family alive. These crazy kids, eh?

“I ask you not to judge a daughter by the sins of her father” – bit of a callback to the Umber and Karstark kids in episode 1?

02.09: Dany and Jon have met! Eep! And Davos is standing up for Jon. Very nice.

02.08: Cool Mel quote: “I will return one more time dear Spider – I have to die in this strange country. Just like you.”

These red priestesses know how to rile Varys.

02.07: Melisandre just acknowledged the fan theory that the Song of Ice and Fire refers to both Jon and Dany! Go fan service. Anyway she’s now being sneaky with Varys, the big ol’ sneak.

02.06: Side note: Tyrion’s hair is looking FIERCE this series.


WOAH Jon and Davos just got buzzed by a dragon! That was very cool.

02.05: The Stark soldiers do have VERY silly armour.

“Let’s not go to Winterfell – it is a silly place.”

02.03: Blimey, we’re already with Jon at Dragonstone. Considering it’s previously taken several years for characters to get from King’s Landing to the North, they’ve really picked up the pace this year.

Tyrion and Jon now trading banter. Hey, Tyrion DID reference Blackwater. Davos pretty chill considering his son died.

02.01: I can’t hear this theme song without repeating “Game of Thrones” over and over in my head to the beat of the music. Hope that’s not just me….

02.00: It’s starting! Based on the content warning, no weirdly long sex scene tonight.

01.58: Just a couple of minutes now! Eep.

And while we wait here on Sky Atlantic, we’re getting a Westworld trailer. On a personal note I’d love to try a Westworld live blog sometime – get working on that simulcast next year, lads!

01.57: Here’s a thought – if Davos meets Tyrion at the same time as Jon meets Daenerys, will there be any beef over the Battle of the Blackwater? It was Tyrion’s wildfire trick that offed Davos’ only son Matthos after all.

No? Nobody remember Matthos? Oh well – still worth noting that Davos’ children and surrogate children (Shireen, Gendry) do NOT do well in this series.

01.53: Currently re-watching the Euron battle scene from last week’s episode. Really brilliantly directed etc, but it does leave me a bit cold – doesn’t seem to have the rewatch appeal of say, Hardhome or Watchers on the Wall. But that’s just like, my opinion man.

Poor Yara, still.

01.49: 10 minutes! I can almost taste the delicious Frey pies.

01.45: Oh, I almost forgot – fans spotted ANOTHER callback to season one in last week’s episode as well, when Jon choked Littlefinger just like his “father” Ned (really his uncle) did waaaay back in 2011.


I mean, who can blame them? Just gotta hope this doesn’t backfire on Jon like it did to his dear old adoptive dad….

01.41: Oh, and there’s probably gonna be more horrible deaths too. This is still Game of Thrones, after all.


01.38: Only 20 minutes to go! Jonerys Snowgaryen incoming!

01.37: Full disclosure: I tried to PhotoShop this picture of this dog (his name’s Spike) so that his sash would make a sly reference to The Hound’s love of chicken, but have had mixed results. In my defence it is very late (or very early if you’re an optimistic sort), and about halfway through I was struck by a sense of existential ennui about what I was attempting to do.


Don’t we have fun here on the live blog? I think we have fun.

01.31: Just under half an hour to go, and I can’t help but keep thinking about last week’s cliffhanger – the Theon in the water scene. While I get that Yara wanted him to rescue her, what else could he have done but jump in the drink? All their men were dead, Euron had an axe to Yara’s throat and overall he had more chance of saving her if he embodied the better part of valour (aka ran away).


And Yara herself agrees with me – or at least actress Gemma Whelan.

“He’s not conscious of abandoning Yara, however, had he been and had he thought ‘I should try and help her’, one step forward would have had me killed, surely, so I think he’s made a great decision for all of those reasons,” She said at London Film and Comic-con. “He survived and who knows what happens next?”

Fingers crossed we’ll find out tonight…

01.21: An exemption for live bloggers though, right guys?


01.19: I don’t think any of us ever are, Hannah.

01.12: As is also traditional, by the way, I am wearing exquisitely-themed Game of Thrones attire for tonight’s episode.


Thanks to friend of the blog Will for lending me his cloak, and to my own lack of perspective for buying the direwolf t-shirt when I really, REALLY didn’t need any more Westerosi swag. The winter-themed slippers are model’s own.

01.09: Speaking of our favourite pirate King, by the way – here’s Pilou’s now-traditional introductory tweet!

Classic Pilou.

01.01: With only an hour to go, here’s a little something series stars Pilou Asbaek and Gemma Whelan (Euron and Yara Greyjoy) were presented with at this weekend’s London Film and Comic-con.


See, I’m not the only one to go all-out with the vague memes.

00.51: Oh yeah, that was something else that happened last week – Missandei explained the complex gender cases of High Valyrian to everyone, revealing that the big Prince That Was Promised prophecy could be a Princess instead (aka Dany). Appropriate that this was all revealed in Stannis Baratheon’s former Temple of Grammar, really.

00.49: Brb, just need to scrub my brain for 57 hours.

00.47: Then again, on the flip side these callbacks did allow us to see a cool scene with a gorgeous, enormous (enorgeous?) direwolf, so it’s swings and roundabouts, really.


00.45: I’m sure you were all on the edges of your seats.

Basically, the Nymeria scene stands out to me as part of an odd trend this series – incredibly specific callbacks to scenes and dialogue that happened a LONG time ago in the series, quite often Game of Thrones’ first season. Along with the Arya/Nymeria scene (their reunion in itself was a bit obscure given we haven’t seen Nymeria onscreen since the series’ second episode) we’ve had The Hound returning to a farm where he stole some money back in season 4, as well as scenes involving the dragon crypts in King’s Landing, Jon and Tyrion’s previous meetings and Daenerys’ horrific first few episodes back in 2011, all of which haven’t played a part in the series for years.

The odd thing for me is that both the Arya and the Hound scenes were played as big emotional turning points – Arya understanding herself and how she’s changed through her wolf, and the Hound doing the same through the people he left behind – but they only work if you get the reference, and to be honest neither of the scenes they’re referencing are ones that stand out in the memory.

It feels odd to complain about Thrones enjoying and using its deep lore – and I’m not complaining really, just discussing – but frankly, it seems odd to be leaning on these moments of assumed knowledge for character development, when even relatively tuned-in fans might not fully understand the callbacks. I mean, that wasn’t even the only time The Hound left a farmer for dead!

00.39: With less than an hour and a half to go, let’s take a look back at another part of last week – the return of Nymeria, Arya’s direwolf from the first series who she sent off into the wilds to avoid her execution (Nymeria had taken a chunk out of Joffrey’s hand while defending her mistress at the time).

Anyway, all these years later, Nymeria has returned – and now she’s both enormous and surrounded by a pack of regular wolves that might even give Liam Neeson pause (pretty high on The Grey scale, if you catch my drift). But she didn’t fancy going back to Winterfell with Arya, instead popping off for her own adventures.


Awkward. But here’s where things get confusing – because when Nymeria did toddle off, Arya commented “That’s not you,” leading some fans to wonder if this was Nymeria after all.

The truth, as it turns out, was more complicated. As the showrunners later revealed, Arya was actually making a deep-cut reference to Game of Thrones’ first series, when she was having a chat with her late father Ned (see video below).

Back then, when Ned told Arya of his planned future for her getting married, having warrior sons and wearing nice dresses, she sadly replied “No – that’s not me,” with series showrunners David Benioff and DB Weiss confirming the callback.

“‘That’s not you’ is a direct reference to what Arya herself said to her father when her father painted this picture for her of the life she could have as a lady of a castle and marrying some lord and wearing a nice frilly dress,” Weiss explained in an Inside the Episode video.

“Arya’s not domesticated, and it makes total sense that her wolf wouldn’t be either. Once the wolf walks away, at first she’s heartbroken to have come this close, and then she realizes the wolf is doing exactly what she would do if she were that wolf.”

So there you have it – like the noble onion (love you Davos), that scene had many layers. Though it also raises something else I want to talk about….#cliffhanger.

00.26: Anyone else excited for tonight’s episode? According to series writer Bryan Cogman it’s a “doozy” – and he didn’t even write this one (he did last week’s most recently)!

00.20: Before I get into the meat of last week any more, though, let’s pull up some metaphorical thrones, sit on them backwards and rap (conversationally speaking). I’ve picked up a cold over the last few days (Winter is Coming, the cold winds blow, etc etc), which has left me feeling about as spry as Joffrey during the wedding speeches.


HOWEVER, it has inspired me to wonder something about Game of Thrones – do they also have normal diseases? I mean, we’ve seen greyscale and other vague illnesses (incidentally, if the treatment for greyscale is just “rip the weird-looking skin off, like a wild animal would do”, why doesn’t anyone at least have a go?), but do they also get, like, diabetes? Or Lupus? Or heart disease (looking at you, Robert Baratheon)?

I only ask because, these characters are GENETICALLY human, right? They die from wounds and infection in the same way as us – so even in a fantasy world, doesn’t that mean they should be susceptible to the sort of illnesses we get in real life? If we cut them, do they not bleed? So if they stayed out in wet clothes too long, would they not catch pneumonia?

Basically, just once, I’d like to see a room of nobles wiped out by a vomiting bug instead of being stabbed or poisoned. We could call it the Green Wedding.

00.10: Here’s a little summary of that Theon scene from last week, by the way.


We like to be concise here at

00.07: It’s pretty clear that the Dany/Jon meet-up (which has been teased by the episode trailer) will be the main event tonight – but there’s also plenty of other stuff to look out for.

After last week’s shocking final scenes, Yara has been captured by Euron, the Sand Snakes are either dead or captured and Theon is doing his best Leo DiCaprio in the chilly seas after jumping to save himself, and it seems likely these threads will be picked up in tonight’s episode as Euron returns victorious to King’s Landing.

Meanwhile, Sam’s attempt at curing Jorah’s greyscale is unlikely to go unnoticed at the Citadel, both Arya and Bran are on their way to Winterfell and the Unsullied are about to attack Casterly rock, a major location in the world of the series that has never actually been visited onscreen or even in George RR Martin’s source novels.

So there you go – finally something TV fans can have over those spoiler-hoarding bookworms, eh? (Yes I also read the books, don’t write in, ssh)

00.01: Salutations, live blog bannermen! My name’s Huw and tonight we’re getting ready for what could be a MASSIVE event in Game of Thrones history – the first meeting between Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow, who have managed to spend six years on the series avoiding each other until now.

Will sparks fly when the Dragon Queen meets the King in the North? Will Fire and Snow’s first encounter leave fans’ brains melting? Or will the unlikely pair find themselves at odds over the biggest issue facing the Seven Kingdoms – just how much shoulder accessorising is needed in a good regal outfit?


(Also, you know, Jon wanting Dragonglass to fight the White Walkers).


Whatever happens, we’ll be here to cover it. And if words are wind (as the folk of Westeros are wont to say), then I reckon this episode’s sure to be a total gas.