EastEnders: Max and secret lover Fi continue to manipulate Carmel

But the pressure starts to mount for Mr Branning...


Having two women on the go is hardly a new experience for EastEnders’ Lothario Max Branning, but when there’s a murky takeover plot at stake the pressure starts to take its toll. Can Max keep it together next week as feisty secret lover Fi Browning demands he ups the charm offensive to get more info from oblivious Carmel Kazemi so they can progress with their poisonous plan? 


Next Thursday, Max is tasked by fragrant Fi with gleaning more gossip about the council from Carmel, who thinks the Branning bloke has properly fallen for her and has no idea she’s just a pawn in Weyland’s shady plan to destroy Albert Square (at least we think that’s what their plan is – to be honest we still don’t actually know…).


Frustrated that Carm wants to keep their romance a secret, Max tries to get the racy red-head to come clean to pal Denise about the identity of her new ‘mystery man’.

Having teased some new intel out of council worker Carmel, Max scurries back to Fi to deliver what he’s learnt – then later kisses Carmel in public. Has he just outed them to the whole Square?


On Friday, lovestruck Carmel is pleased at how her and Max’s relationship is developing and invites him to a family meal. But Max has totally switched and is acting all moody – so Carmel cancels the dinner in a huff.


What she doesn’t realise is that Max is also caught up in Steven’s web of lies about his fake brain tumour and doomed wedding to Lauren (read more about that here), but pulling the strings of half the residents of Walford is clearly starting to get to Max… How long before he cracks?     

Watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.


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