EastEnders: Lisa kidnaps Louise from hospital – will she get away?

With her mum increasingly unstable, is Lou in danger?


Lisa Fowler lost the plot and abducted daughter Louise Mitchell from hospital in tonight’s EastEnders – is the teen in danger from her unstable mother?


The first sign all was not well with troubled Lisa came last week when she visited a therapist and lied about the circumstances of the reunion with her daughter, pretending they’d been hanging out shopping and failing to mention the third degree burns and disturbing showdown with her bullying ex, Phil.

But tonight Lisa was starting to spiral into full-on meltdown as she began talking to herself, repeating sentences over and over and generally appearing very disturbed indeed.

Stealing Sharon’s keys, Lisa sneaked into the Mitchell house and smashed Phil and Sharon’s wedding photo – then began talking to a picture of Phil’s late mum Peggy about how “she was right”, before smashing the frame and cutting herself on the glass.

Running to the cafe where Sonia Fowler saw to her cut, tearful Lisa was calmed by a chat with her old pal and resolved to be there for her daughter – but Sonia was unaware how fragile her friend had become.

Back on the ward, Lisa secretly begged the nurse if she could take Lou outside into the hospital gardens for some fresh air, but it was clear she was planning something else.

Dispatching Sharon, Phil and Bex from Louise’s bedside, Lisa then told an excited Lou when they were alone that she was being released and she was taking her home.

As Sharon attempted to convince Phil back in the Square that Lisa’s presence was having a positive effect on his daughter (she’d clearly not noticed the haunted look and weird babbling), we then saw Lisa and a sleeping Lou in a cab roaring out of Walford – before Lisa produced the torn-out picture of Peggy from her pocket, telling her that “she was going to be safe now…”

How far will Lisa get with Louise? Will Phil ever see her again? And considering Lisa’s troubled history, could both her and Lou’s lives be at risk? 

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