6 things we learnt from Love Island: The Reunion, from Jonny and Chyna’s break up to Jess and Dom’s matching tattoos

We flip reversed it as we found out that Camilla's mum was still hilarious and the relationship status of Montana and Alex


It was awkward, it was cheesy and it was ridiculous. Love Island: The Reunion was all we could have wished for and more.


A week after the islanders had been let loose back into the real world, we caught up with what they’d been up to since leaving the villa. It turned out that Jonny was still being a tuna melt and Jess and Dom have mastered the art of time travel.

We lapped up every last minute of Love Island: The Reunion, and here are six things that we learnt: 

1. Jonny and Chyna are no longer together

Well, Jonny and Chyna were an item at the start of Love Island: The Reunion… but by the end of the night, they’d basically broken up.

Since leaving the villa, the pair had been posting pictures of themselves looking loved up and had even gone on a holiday to Budapest together.

So when Caroline Flack asked them what was going on, Jonny intriguingly replied: “We’re just very good friends” and that they were “keeping it open”.

Chyna replied with a “what the hell?” and a “what the f**k, Jonny?” and Caroline backed away with an “it’s really awkward”. You’re telling us!

Anyway, Chyna was clearly still on ‘island time’, because by the end of the programme she had her hand on Theo’s shoulder and looked on the brink of recoupling (see top right, FYI):

Oh Jonny. You were doing so well after all the Tyla drama, and now you’ve gone and done this. He really is determined to be the villa villain of 2017.

2. Camilla’s mum is still hilarious

Alongside Chris and Olivia, we also need more of Camilla’s mum in our lives and on our TVs.

If her scene-stealing stint in the villa wasn’t enough, Deborah Thurlow again made a cracking appearance on The Reunion.

As Camilla and Jamie went back to Thurlow Manor (despite Cam’s protestations, it definitely was a manor), Debs had all the chat. She asked Jamie if he was enjoying the haggis (he was) and could ever see himself living in Scotland (he could) before she said in a rather hilarious tone of voice:

“Camilla, how’s it going…between…the…two…of…you..?”

She divulged that the secret to a successful relationship was a “sense of humour” and “quite a large bottle of sherry”, while she also had these high hopes for her daughter’s budding romance:

“They do seem really happy at the moment…but of course only time will tell. Cliffhanger.”

Can someone give her a Chortle award?

3. Jess and Dom had got matching tattoos

Yes, really. You see that indistinct squiggle on Dom’s arm? Well that’s a J for Jess. Although if they break-up, it could probably just as easily stand for Justin Bieber, Jamiroquai or Jeremy Corbyn.

Anyway, what is even more impressive is that the pair managed to nail the art of time travel and go back to a tattoo parlour in 2005. Either that or the artist who inked them hasn’t seen Love Island for 12 years.

Alongside the initial, they both also had the Love Island logo permanently drawn onto them. But this is not the gold glitter snow globe. Nope. It’s that double palm tree thing from 2005.

Call us cynical, but we reckon the Tattoo Fixers lot might be getting some custom soon.

4. Chris and Olivia are still fighting

As sure as day follows night and that Mike is muggy, some things never change. And one of those things is that Chris and Olivia will always bicker.

They said that they hadn’t had too many arguments since leaving the villa, but it always felt like they were just a little bit on the edge. She screamed when Chris brandished a chicken at her and although Chris’s brothers (how many of them were there?!) looked slightly underwhelmed to meet poor Liv, the dogs were more excitable.

He revealed that his farm dogs were named after rappers – including one that took after Stormzy. 

“The Stormzy dog loves me – the real Stormzy not so much,” said Olivia, as Chris added: “He hates you.”

And Olivia just shot him the best look.

Never change, you two. 

5. Montana and Alex are totally together

Despite lots of reports to the contrary, Montana and Alex said that they were still very much together. Honest, they were. Look, they were sat next to each other and everything.

When Caroline asked them what they’d been up to, Alex said nothing (what a shocker!) whilst Montana added: “Busy. Very busy. But exciting – really exciting.”

So they haven’t split up?

Alex: “Definitely not.”

Montana: “Not true!”

Alex: “We just live at opposite ends of the country….”

“Montana: He lives way up north.”

You got that? Not true!

6. Blazin’ Squad have still got it

Well, a few of them have anyway. As a surprise treat for Marcel – but not so much for our ears – there was a Blazin’ Squad reunion as a grand total of four of the boys blazed their way into the studio performing Flip Reverse.


Caroline Flack was immediately giving it the moves, Gabby soon joined her and we couldn’t tell if Marcel looked happy or embarrassed to have to go through this on TV. Either way, for two minutes we were taken back to 2002 and it was hilarious.