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Only Connect


8.30pm, BBC2

Yes, our favourite brainy quiz show is still stuck on Fridays where it doesn’t belong (put it back on Monday after University Challenge). But never mind, at least it’s back and for that we should all be very glad because weeks without Only Connect are very long indeed….

Victoria Coren Mitchell is once again in the chair umpiring a very breezy and tough contest between the Parishioners, with a vicar as captain, and three likely lads dressed in green velveteen capes who call themselves the Stewards. It won’t surprise you to learn that they are all members of the Cambridge Tolkien Society. “Despite our appearance we are not a cult,” says the captain. 

It’s a great start with two stonking examples of what Coren Mitchell declares as “absolutely brilliant quizzing” though of course what we are all waiting for are the connecting walls. They are killers. 

Gardeners’ World

9pm, BBC2

Earlier this year, as part of its half-century celebrations, GW asked viewers to nominate unused and unloved plots that they could help turn into a community garden. Joe Swift and Flo Headlam head off to Wiltshire just as work begins to turn the winning piece of wasteland into a “haven and resource for local residents”, who will eventually reap the fruits of their labour in a very real way. 

On the subject of fruit and veg, Monty Don has some advice about how to prune fruit trees and improve your crop of tomatoes and chillies. While plantsman Roy Lancaster of Gardeners Question Time fame reflects on his life in horticulture. 


9pm, Sky1

To recap: animals are mutating, attacking humans across the world. We open in Costa Rica, where an amiable sloth sways across a branch. Surely sloths haven’t gone rogue, too? 

No, but it turns out this sloth can generate a low-frequency call that can start an earthquake (or something), so the evil general has it captured and brought to America, where an army of mutant moles attack the building it’s in and then… well, never mind, you get the picture. 

It’s a peculiarly daft instalment, with a plot made out of styrofoam and cow gum, but there’s time for romance, too, as Chloe tells Jackson, “I need to find a balance between being the leader of this team and being in love with you.”


9pm, E4

An intense atmosphere of dread and sudden jolts from the darkness fill this compelling, disturbing supernatural shocker from The Exorcism of Emily Rosedirector Scott Derrickson.

A skilful blend of old-school, haunted-house horror and in-vogue found-footage fear, it sees struggling true-crime writer Ethan Hawke research his latest book by moving his family into the actual home where brutal murders took place.There he discovers some home movies containing possible evidence that something decidedly unnatural may be responsible for a string of unexplained deaths and his own children may be in harm’s way.

Cool in its crafty mood placement, confidently restrained during its nastiest moments and mining provocative lines of devastating nuance, the movie reaches a terrifying crescendo as the grisly Super 8 reels bleed into high-pitched scares. Hawke anchors events superbly as the agonised author whose deteriorating state of mind causes everything he holds dear to shatter.

A Killing at the Car Wash

BBC iPlayer


BBC3’s commitment to investigating and analysing US gun crime continues with a detailed look at the horrifying, banal murder of Tavin price. The mentally handicapped 19-year-old was shot four times in the back in 2015 by LA gang members, simply for wearing the wrong colour trainers.