Will Love Island’s Chris and Olivia be the new Katie Price and Peter Andre with their own ITV2 reality show?

Olivia says the couple are “open to anything” when it comes to starring in their own reality series


Chris and Olivia might not have won Love Island, but they were definitely one of our favourite couples in the villa.


The break-ups, make-ups and the fact that the pair of them are both just bloody hilarious meant that whenever they were on screen it was TV gold. Even a trip to the supermarket became a huge drama for these two.

So surely ITV2 should now be considering giving the pair their own reality series akin to early noughties hit Katie & Peter, which followed the lives of Katie Price and Peter Andre during their relationship. 

“I thought Katie and Peter were great in their heyday,” Olivia told RadioTimes.com and other press. “They were the reality dream weren’t they? So I think that’s a compliment. I love Katie Price as well, you can put that on record.

“It’s not something we’ve really talked about,” she added. “But we’re open to anything.”

She also revealed plans to go and visit Chris’s family farm, which she said she was looking forward to. So what about a reality show about her getting to grips with farm life?

“Simple Life type thing,” offers Olivia. But “I’m not touching any cow dicks,” she confirms. “What are they? Udders.”


See – this is hilarious already. ITV2, we hope you’re paying attention because we need this show in our lives.