Love Island’s Camilla says Jonny is now “a friend for life”

We really didn't see this one coming


Plenty of beautiful friendships blossomed on this year’s Love Island. Georgia, Liv and Amber are heading to Las Vegas for Halloween, Gabby and Camilla are talking about moving in together and Chris and Kem need no introduction.


But the one friendship we never, ever saw coming was between Camilla and Jonny. However, the Love Island runner-up – who was left in tears on a near-daily basis at one point by Jonny – has said that he is now a friend of hers “for life”.


Speaking to and other press, Camilla said that she was “really glad” everything happened the way it did with Jonny (really?!) and it was the “challenge that I needed to have”.

Camilla, who has said she’d love to make a documentary with Jamie now that they’re out of the villa, also spoke of the moment she contemplated leaving the show when she was finding it hard to cope with the Jonny and Tyla situation.

“It was a difficult one because I was trying to work out whether the best way to manage things would be inside the villa or outside the villa, like the best way for me,” she explained. “Because I always wanted to just be myself in there, so I was thinking ‘would it actually be better for me to take myself away from this situation and let myself heal?’


“But actually I’m so, so glad I stayed, because after I got through things felt happy and felt better – there was a point where Jonny and I started to become friends.

“And now I have a friend for life in him and perhaps we were always meant to be friends, and having to go through that and then having that opportunity to have a friendship with someone that you’ve previously been with is a lovely thing. So I’m very grateful that lots of people, particularly Gabby and Marcel, supported me in staying.”

To say that both Camilla and Jonny had a rocky time in the villa would be something of an understatement. Things started off well, a row about feminism completely derailed them, they looked like they were getting things back on track… and then Tyla came into the villa.


Poor Cam. At least she ended up coming second with a Calvin Klein model in tow, so it’s not worked out all bad, eh?