Love Island’s Camilla and Jamie want to make a humanitarian documentary together

We never thought we'd read "Love Island" and "humanitarian documentary" in the same sentence


Right from the start, eventual Love Island runners-up Camilla Thurlow and Jamie Jewitt never seemed like your typical reality TV stars.


And now the pair have said that they want to use their new-found fame not to promote clothing or protein shakes, but instead to make a humanitarian documentary.

Asked by and other press whether they would now be interested in making a programme about Camilla’s work with land mine disposal, Jamie said: “Yes, definitely.”

Camilla added: “Yes – we talked about that on our second date, because documentaries are one of the things that you’re really into. So we’ll see.

“I mean certainly for me the road that I’d like to go down is any platform that I might have now would be used to shed light on the various causes that are important to me and that would be my plan, hopefully,” she said. “We’ll see.”

No matter what happens, Jamie has said that he “fully intends” on doing some work with Camilla, and that it’s actually something he’s wanted to do “for God knows how long”.

“I’m intending on going on some trips with her with some humanitarian stuff,” said Jamie. “I’ve wanted to do it for years, so meeting someone like Cam who’s opened the door has been amazing.”


Whether the pair will first be having that holiday together in Ibiza before striving for world peace remains to be seen.