“Now what?” Love Island has ended and fans can’t cope

The world seems emptier without an episode of Love Island to watch every night


Love Island fans have been left heartbroken and bereft, because the ITV2 reality show has come to an end after seven weeks. When 9pm comes around again tonight there will be no more real-life drama, and no more Kem and Chris and Amber and Marcel lounging under the Majorcan sun. There will be no more updates and no more chances to vote and we’ll have to find something else to do with our time. It’s too much to bear.


 Of course, this means the nation can finally get things done in the evening…

 But that’s small consolation.

 Waking up this morning was especially painful for Love Island fans.

 But the legacy of Love Island 2017 will live on, because Chris’ “thinking” face has quickly become a meme.


Luckily all this year’s Love Islanders will be reuniting next week for a one-off special – and there’s something to look forward to next year when the ITV show returns for a fourth series in 2018