Coronation Street: who is stalking Michelle?

Is Robert's drugs contact Rich following Michelle?


Is Michelle to become the target of a revenge attack orchestrated by a furious Rich?


It’s the question Coronation Street fans will be asking next week when Bistro owner Robert starts to fret that his former drugs contact has it in for Ms Connor.

The upcoming drama sees RIP daubed on the wall of the upmarket eaterie before a firebomb is launched at the front door.

Despite reporting the attack to the police, the persecution continues when Michelle’s car is vandalised – all of which leads to Robert covering up the damage and meeting with Rich in secret and warning him that he has to quit his campaign of terror.

But Rich denies all knowledge and claims not to be the vandal – so, might he not actually be responsible?

Events look set to come to a head when Michelle discovers that Robert has kept details of the car damage from her. With the atmosphere frosty, she heads into town and starts to drink by herself in a bar.

But then comes the nagging feeling that she’s being watched. Has Rich tracked Michelle down? And is Michelle in danger while away from Robert’s protection?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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