Who is Jamie Jewitt? And will Camilla finally find love with the new Love Island contestant?

The jet-setting model and actor wants to couple up with Camilla in the Love Island villa


Love Island 2017 contestants: Jamie Jewitt


Age: 27

From: Essex

Twitter: @JamieLukeJewitt

Instagram: jamiejewitt_

Occupation: Model and actor

Who does Jamie have his eye on in the Love Island villa? “Camilla” was his only response to the question of who he fancied, and it had us worrying that it could turn into a Craig 2.0… However, after one day in the villa, we’re wondering whether our Cam has finally found her prince.

Camilla gets a text that reads: “Camilla, Jamie would like to take you on a date. Please go and get ready. #nothappysingleisland #thenewjamilla” and the pair have a natter about what books they enjoy reading over a glass of wine.

In the Beach Hut, Camilla admits she finds Jamie “attractive”, while Jamie says that he enjoyed having some intelligent conversation on his date with Camilla. Eeek! 

Where have I seen Jamie before? If you’re a fan of E4 reality TV shows, you may well recognise Jamie. He was one of the bright young things who starred on E4 reality series Taking New York.


Jamie in Taking New York

The show (which was nothing like Made in Chelsea…) starred twenty-something Brits who were living in NYC. And despite billing himself as an actor, his IMDB page is a little bit sparse… 


The cast of E4 reality series Taking New York

How long has Jamie been single? Just six months. “I’m not really much of a dater,” he explains. “I’ve spent a long time single, just having fun. I lived in New York for 10 years and was single for most of it. I split up with my ex about six months ago, we were together a year and a half. I’ve just took some time to go out, do my bit and learn a bit about myself before settling down.”

Is Jamie romantic? Sadly not. “I’m not much of a romantic. I bought a giant teddy bear for my first girlfriend,” he said. “She had an obsession with teddies so I bought her the biggest one I could find. I’m definitely not known for romance, though.” But he is something of a mummy’s boy…

The one and only Mumma jewitt.. ?

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Has Jamie dated anyone famous before? Not that we know of, but his celebrity crush is Eva Mendes.

What is Jamie’s USP? “I’m happy go lucky and up for a good time,” he says. “I’m at a different stage in my life now. I like that Marcel is very much the thinker of the group and the wise man and I tend to think I’m rational like that.”

Anything else I should know? Just like us, he says he’s “hooked” on Love Island.

Love Island airs at 9pm on ITV2