What time is Only Connect on TV?

The fiendishly difficult quiz show returns for its 13th series


What time is it on?


Only Connect is on at 8.30pm on Friday 28th July on BBC2.

Who’s hosting?

Victoria Coren Mitchell once again puts two teams to the test. Victoria revealed in an interview with RT that she initially tried to turn down the offer of presenting the show but after filming the pilot she was instantly hooked.

How does Only Connect work?

Contestants must engage in plenty of lateral thinking in order to find the links between four seemingly random words or phrases. The programme has become notorious for being the hardest quiz show on TV, even eclipsing University Challenge. There is no prize money on offer, the only motivation the teams need is the pride of being crowned Only Connect champions.

What’s with all the hieroglyphs?

Only Connect is one of the few shows where even picking the question poses a challenge. At the start of each round teams must choose from six Egyptian hieroglyphs – and hearing contestants call out twisted flax or eye of Horus is enough to put you off when you first tune in. However they were actually introduced to make things simpler after viewers complained the Greek letters, which were used in the first series, were too pretentious.

Will I get any answers right?

Probably not.