This sneak peek at Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency season 2 is as weird as you’d expect

The showrunner also revealed the theme of the new series will "freak people out"


Dirk Gently is back to reopen his Doctor Who-esque Holistic Detective Agency alongside Elijah Wood’s Todd Brotzman and Jade Eshete’s Farah Black. Well, sort of.


During the San Diego Comic-Con, BBC America released a sneak peek at season two of the off-beat comedy-drama, showing Gently (Samuel Barnett) being recused by his assistants – only to find out it’s all just a dream. Turns out the sci-fi sleuth is where he was at the end of season one: in the hands of government agent Hugo Friedkin (Dustin Milligan).

After introducing the clip, showrunner Robert Cooper said (via i09) that although the genre of season one was time travel, the upcoming season would focus on “something else”— something that they have to keep secret or “people freak out.”


Just when we’ll get to see that secret play out, we’re not sure. Although the show will air ‘this Fall’ on BBC America, it’s not yet clear when Netflix will make it available to UK audiences. However, you can catch up with season one on the streaming service now.