Radio Times podcast – who is going to win Love Island?

Will it be Chris and Olivia, Kem and Amber, Camilla and Jamie, or Gabby and Marcel? As the final four couples spend their final day in the villa, we weigh up their chances of claiming the £50k prize


Who is going to win Love Island? It’s the question on the nation’s lips… 


Over the last two months, the ITV2 series has provided us with essential viewing – from new vocab (“muggy” to “melt” to “dicksand) to some fresh raps courtesy of Chris and Kem to that Casa Amor postcard.

In the words of Craig, “Do you know what we mean?!”

Come 9pm tomorrow, we will be lost – staring at a Love Island-free telly wondering quite how we’re going to spend the rest of our summer evenings. But first, we’ve got tonight’s final as Caroline crowns the winning couple and dishes out the £50,000 prize.

Who will it be? Join for a chat about Kem and Amber, Chris and Olivia, Gabby and Marcel and Camilla and Jamie. What did they have to say when they first joined the villa? Who is the most genuine? And which of the remaining four pairs will emerge triumphant?

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Love Island concludes with a live final – tonight at 9pm on ITV2