Game of Thrones season 7 episode 2 – as it happened

Will Daenerys rule the Seven Kingdoms? Will Jon find the dragonglass? And what's Euron's gift? Follow all the updates with our 2am live blog


We’re here live blogging Game of Thrones season 7 from 2am GMT (9pm for viewers in the States), so join us here all night for all the twists, turns and expert commentary we and the folks of Westeros can offer.


To quote Daenerys Targaryen….Shall we begin?

This live blog has now concluded

03.35: Lest I tempt the many-faced god of IT failure once again, I think I’d better call it a night there! Another good episode, with a sign that things are really ramping up as this series progresses. Already can’t help but wish it was the full 10 episodes rather than seven, though – we’re already nearly a third of the way through!

Until next week then, it’s goodbye from me and my various imaginary direwolf friends. See you next Monday – assuming we’ve not all been set on fire by Euron Greyjoy before then.

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03.24: Oh, and before I forget – lowkey favourite part of this week’s episode was right before Euron’s attack, when Ellaria was putting the moves on Yara and Yara just grimaces and shrugs “whaddatagonnado?” to Theon? Think it’s the first time I’ve laughed out loud this series.

03.23: Exciting to see Jon and Dany finally meet (#Targfamilyreunion) – here’s my artist’s impression again.

Still, to be honest with Bran at Castle Black and Arya on her way to the North, I’m more excited for a Stark family reunion at Winterfell! It is CLASSIC Game of Thrones for Jon to leave just as Arya is headed his way too.

03.19: Ooh, and in that trailer you see Jon about to walk into the Dragonstone throne room and meet Daenerys – guessing her slightly egotistical speech from all the trailers (see line below) is aimed at him then?

03.17: “I was born to rule the Seven Kingdoms…and I will.

Here’s the trailer for next week’s episode, The Queen’s Justice!

03.14: Highlights for me this week: Jonaerys (I’m calling it now for those crazy kids once they meet), Sam saving Jorah and everything Olenna says, as per usual. 

Also, Theon’s storyline progresses nicely – just hope Yara doesn’t have to be another woman who suffers horrors just to propel his emotional maturity along.

03.11: But sadly, Theon’s PTSD struck instead and he just jumped in the water. 2 Sand Snakes dead, and TheON has become….

And that’s the episode! Another builder, but a nice epic battle at the end, even if it was a little hard to follow…

Again, sorry for a delay there – we are beset by magical interference tonight.

03.05: One Sand Snake is dead, Euron and Yara are having a PRETTY epic battle. But no! Now he has Yara, and is trying to get Theon to come to her aid.

03.02: Ok, safe to say I was right! Quite a messy, fiery battle here as Euron attacks. Guess Yara, Sand Snakes etc were his gift after all.

Also apologies for a slight delay there – technical difficulties.

02.59: Theon avoids third-wheeling as Ellaria and Yara flirt. Feel like this scene will end up with something nasty happening…

02.57: Arya wants Nymeria to come back North with her, but Nym is more interested in her solo work these days. Oh well – at least she didn’t eat Arya.

02.57: Oh here’s full-grown Nymeria! Blimey, she’s huge. Proper direwolf-big. Ghost definitely was the runt of the litter. Eep!

02.56: Wolves!

02.55: Ooh, Arya camping out – is this the Big Bad Wolf scene??

02.54: Jon is riding South! Here’s a list of things we can see in this picture.

02.53: “We haven’t ever talked”  – Littlefinger to Jon. What, not once since winning Winterfell? Weird.

Jon choking Littlefinger JUST like Ned did in season one! Didn’t end so well back then….

02.52: Sansa is left in charge – Littlefinger has his scheming face on.

Now we’re in the crypts, with a lovely Sean Bean statue. Littlefinger skulking around, being creepy down here too.

02.51: They don’t want Jon to go South. Jeez, Sansa needs to chill.

02.50: Jon wants to team up with Daenerys, while pronouncing her name in a funny way.

Sansa’s not convinced about him going to meet her, but if it helps OUR Daenerys and Jon are getting along swimmingly.

02.49: Jon finally knows about the dragonglass, as sent by Raven by Sam last week.

Considering he received Daenerys’ note (sent this episode) “a few days ago,” this timing is blowing my mind. Do the Citadel just have really slow ravens?

02.48: We’re back….and ARYA about to make a big choice, girl? I think you are!

02.46: While I wait for the advert break to finish, here’s a context-free image for you.

You’re welcome, world.

02.44: Can’t believe Hot Pie never got to show Arya his perfected Wolf-bread recipe. Gutting.

Anyway, in an advert break again now. Will Arya decide to head to Winterfell instead of murdering Cersei with her magic powers? With her AND Dany stepping back, feels like a lot of people are missing their Cersei-killing slots this week.

02.42: How did Arya not know that Jon had Winterfell back? She knew about Cersei, and I feel like that happened afterwards?

Ugh, Hot Pie is chirpsing on Arya now. (is that what the kids say?)

Hot Pie just said “I’m a survivor,” which means he’s a definite goner.

02.41: Lovely cut from pus to pie there. Thanks show. After last week’s poo/soup montage, this show seems intent on us not eating.

Anyway, Arya has reunited with Hot Pie! And they’re sharing pie-baking tips.

02.40: Is it bad that that scene made me crave KFC?

02.39: In technical terms, it sounds like Sam is going to peel Ser Jorah like an onion. Ooh, lovely pus everywhere. This is making me feel…

02.38: Sam has a procedure to save Ser Jorah, but it gave the last guy who tried it greyscale. Hmm. 

Meanwhile, Ser Jorah is writing a sad note to his Khaleesi. Come on, TV show… he has…

….like, endured? Sorry, that last pun probably hurt as much as Sam’s procedure is about to…

02.35: Looking forward to all the journalists who have to watch that sex scene in the office tomorrow morning. No-one will believe you, lads and ladies.

02.34: During this touching Grey Worm/Missandei love scene, just a quick recap – plan is for Tyrells and Dornish army to lay siege to King’s Landing and starve them out, while the Unsullied attack Lannister seat Casterly Rock, which we’ve never actually seen before in the show – exciting!

And you can judge my series nerdery by the fact that I’m saying that while two attractive actors get naked onscreen. Ignore the sex, gimme more geography, dammit.

02.30: Lady Olenna gives Daenerys some advice: “Be a dragon,” stop listening to clever men and just be yourself.

As always, Lady Tyrell is teh best.

02.29: Tense planning scene where they make their decisions about how to attack Westeros, but all I can think about it how THEY ALREADY MADE A CUSTOM UNSULLIED CHESS PIECE FOR THEIR FANCY MAP TABLE.

When did they do this? Why??? It’s almost as bad as Cersei remodelling the Kingsgaurd armour for NO REASON.

02.25: Qyburn has developed a giant anti-dragon crossbow. Didn’t this happen in the Hobbit?

Ohhhh and they fired it at Balerion the Dread’s skull!

02.24: Oh, and we’re back! Qyburn giving Cersei a tour of the elephant (dragon) graveyard.

02.23: No direwolves yet. Hoping I didn’t write all that/make that ridiculous Danny Dyer picture for nothing….

I mean, apart from my own inner joy, of course.

02.20: Aaaand first advert break! Sorry overseas readers, we’ll fall slightly behind now.

So far, enjoying the episode – bizarre to have so many characters interact after years apart, like Jon, Tyrion, Dany etc. Like it.

Also, Jorah’s greyscale is looking pretty gnarly. Nasty, nasty stuff.

02.19: Poor old Jorah. This show keeps making him suffer.

02.18: Wow, can’t believe how bad Ser Jorah’s greyscale has gotten

02.17: Appealing to Randyll’s right-wing impulses there.

02.15: “Ser Jaime, I believe you know my son.”

“Well actually, he’s been recast as the guy from Merlin so no. Also, if you hated Sam why did you call your FAVOURITE son Dickon?”

Anyway, Jaime has hired Sam’s dad to wage war now. Neat.

02.14: Cersei spreading some FAKE NEWS about Daenerys’ cruelty to the lords of Westeros, to gain their support. Very topical. And hey look, it’s Sam’s nasty dad!

02.13: Wow, have Jon and co JUST worked out dragons could be handy against wights? Who got the brains in this family???

02.12: Nice to see Tyrion persuading them that Jon is…

Dany now wants him to come and bend the knee. And the raven has reached Winterfell ALREADY. Jeez, this series is zipping by.

02.11: Tyrion is reminiscing about his time with Jon Snow! Good season 1 times. It’s actually quite cool to see Daenerys et al discussing Jon. 

Ooh, Daenerys called him “quite a man”. Hell-OH.

02.10: Oh, here’s Melisandre, speaking in Valyrian. Dammit if I wanted to read, I’d pick up the books.

02.09: Welp, glad they hashed that out over a minute-long conversation. Varys will support her and tell her when she’s messing up, she might kill him if he betrays her. Good stuff.

02.08: To sum up: where do The Spider’s loyalties lie?

Also, who knew Varys was so street??

02.07: “When I was ready to drink myself into a small coffin…” love you, Tyrion. Feels weird that Daenerys and Varys never chatted about his loyalties on their massively long ship journey.

02.06: Oh OK – Tyrion is advising Daenerys to avoid nuking everywhere and winning easily, to pad out the seasonIMEAN convince the people of her right as Queen.

02.05: Dany doesn’t feel like she’s home on Dragonstone. But will she feel better anywhere else?

02.04: “It was a dark and stormy night…”

02.03: Apparently there’s violence and sexual content in tonight’s episode. I am shocked sir, I tell you. Shocked. And now the credits roll!

02.01: Should be any moment now….

01.58: Ooooh, not long now! Just enough time for me to share my amazing PhotoShop skills with you.

Geddit? Well, probably not if you’re one of our overseas readers, but hey – we have to play to the home crowd sometimes.

01.55: Not sure if this quite gets across that I’m wearing genuine (fake fabric) armour tonight! Truly, my devotion to my readers knows no bounds.

01.53: Helpfully, Sky Atlantic are showing last week’s episode right before the new one. Now we can watch Daenerys do her Rey/Luke Skywalker at the end of The Force Awakens act all over again!

01.51: Only 10 minutes to go – so the perfect time to check out our recap of last week’s episode Dragonstone, in’s GoTV.

Trust me, it’s worth a watch – they let me have a sword for a prop and I keep wiggling it around in a distracting way. It’s great!

01.46: Watched it? If so, you might spot Melisandre right at the end hinting that Dany needs someone else’s help (and if the rumours are correct, this scene could be turning up in tonight’s episode, so it could be pretty relevant).

“I believe you have a role to play – as does another,” Mels tells her, and as we go into in some detail elsewhere, it could be that this vague exchange signifies a popular fan theory that both Dany AND Jon represent Westeros’ Prince That Was Promised, aka the Chosen One who will save them all from darkness. Or it could just hint that they need to work together and will soon meet onscreen – either way, we’re excited.

01.40: While we wait – this weekend there was a special Game of Thrones panel at San Diego comic-con, and while it didn’t reveal too much (apart from that Sophie Turner would bring Joffrey back from the dead and Liam Cunningham wants a Davos spin-off) it did come accompanied with an interesting new trailer.

Check it out!

01.38: Not quite yet….

01.35: Only 25 minutes to go now…

01.30: Then again, though, this is Game of Thrones – so maybe the hope of an Arya/Nymeria reunion will be snatched away from us at the last minute. That’d be about right in this show.

01.29: But more exciting than any of that is the rumour that we might be seeing the long-rumoured return of Arya’s direwolf Nymeria, last seen in season one’s second episode The Kingsroad, where Arya sent her off to avoid having her ben punished for munching on Joffrey’s arm.

Here’s a reminder of that last sad farewell, in case you planned on feeling happiness tonight.

Anyway, over the years the other Stark’s direwolves have mostly been killed off – Sansa’s direwolf lady was executed for Nymeria’s biting, Robb’s Grey Wind was shot while his master died at the Red Wedding, Rickon’s Shaggydog was decapitated by the Umbers and Bran’s Summer was brought down by an army of wights.

The only two that remain alive are Ghost (Jon’s white direwolf) and Nymeria – and fans have long wondered if the latter wolf would turn up, especially when she appeared in a couple of chapters of George RR Martin’s source novels in a dream-vision.

Fastforward to this year, and a couple of sound and costume designers let slip that there was a big wolf scene this series, and with one wolf’s appearance in this week’s episode trailer it now seems all but certain that Nymeria will be making a comeback. Hooray!

01.25: So, as we approach the episode airing, what can we expect from tonight’s trip to Westeros?

Well, based on last week’s trailer it seems we’ll finally see Dany start her campaign to take over Westeros, Jon find out he needs her Dragonglass and Cersei try to turn the remaining Lord of Westeros to her side.

01.19: Here’s another picture of me getting ready for tonight’s episode, if you’re keeping count. I imagine you all are, very diligently.

01.14: Forget what I said earlier; I’m actively wishing away the next 45 minutes of my life RN.

1.09: Ooh, regular reader Sarah has alerted us to an extra detail for the “White Walkers walk round the Wall on ice” theory that’s been making the rounds – in the opening credits, the sea around the Wall is now starting to freeze as winter takes hold.

See, here it is in season 6….

And here it is in last week’s episode!

So there you have it; the water round the Wall is freezing, and all of Westeros is extra-doomed now. Still weirds me out that they had time to change this while still leaving the Baratheon sigil over King’s Landing, though. 

I’m cool, I know.

00.59: And at the end of that word vomit….only an hour to go! Eep.

00.58: Oh, something you’ll DEFINITELY have missed last week – a cut line from The Hound’s vision that was posted on the HBO website.

Describing the Hound’s vision in the episode (in which the troubled warrior sees the marching White Walkers approaching a castle by the sea, convincing him of the need to go north and fight them), the HBO summary adds a line that wasn’t in the broadcast episode – “The waves are frozen.” 

Now, this brings up all sorts of possibilities. In a different part of the episode, Jon Snow (Kit Harington) speculates that the White Walkers and their undead army will attempt to come through the Wall at Eastwatch-by-the-sea (as its nearest to where they saw the Walkers last), one of the many castles built on the Wall that divides Westeros from the wilds beyond. 

And Eastwatch’s geographic location could give some clues as to what this deleted line may have been referring to. If you look at this map (below) you can see that Eastwatch is located right at the far end of the wall, right by the ocean (hence the “by-the-sea” suffix).

If the Hound’s vision is correct, it could be that we’re going to see the White Walkers actually FREEZE over a small area of the sea in that bay-like area (marked) to allow their army to just walk around the Wall, bypassing its magical defences at a stroke and allowing them into Westeros proper.

And if all this is true, then it’s clear why this line may have been cut from the finished episode – so as to avoid spoiling a pretty awesome scene for viewers that could come up in a future episode.

I mean, I might have just spoiled it for you anyway, but hey. Whaddayagonnado? If this is true, I love the idea of the White Walkers just walking AROUND the enormous magic wall everyone’s spent so long worrying about. It’s that kind of lateral thinking that earns them the big bucks (or at least a COOL million or two, eh?).

00.51: Speak for yourself, chum

00.48: In case you can’t tell, I am once again taking my Game of Thrones-watching very seriously.

My viewing attire there for tonight, ladies and gentlemen, Andals and First Men. House Targaryen all the way, baby (at least until my liveblogging salary pays my way towards some Stark duds).

00.44: Then again, on the other hand…

00.43: Eternal Game of Thrones issue – the desperation for the next episode to air mixed with the dread at the series being over for another year/year and a half. Must stop myself wishing this season away…

00.40: Update on Cleganebowl watch – no signs yet of The Hound taking on The Mountain for no discernable reason AS OF YET – but we remain hopeful.

(If you want to know more about Cleganebowl, it’s all laid out here).

(Also sorry for the swearing – it’s just part of the lingo of Cleganebowl and authenticity trumps my usual politeness).

00.29: Know who else is excited for this week’s episode? Euron Greyjoy himself, aka Danish actor Pilou Asbæk.

And we have a few questions about what he’ll be up to this episode as well. Last week, despite making hilarious ableist jokes at the expense of her brother-lover Jaime, Cersei turned down his proposal of marriage – but he was undeterred, saying he would bring her a gift to change her mind.

But what could said gift be? Well, the smart money’s on something to do with Daenerys and her gang. Maybe Euron will smash Yara and Theon’s fleet or capture one of Dany’s lieutenants – Indira Varma’s Ellaria Sand murdered Cersei’s daughter after all, so you can imagine her being quite a well-appreciated present.

Alternatively, he could be after someone a little closer to home (or at least Casterly Rock) who has been described as a “gift” in the series before – Cersei’s hated little brother Tyrion, who she blames for her son and father’s deaths (incorrectly and correctly respectively). Maybe Euron plans to make a gift of Tyrion to a queen just as Ser Jorah once did back in season 5 – but in this case, we doubt things would work out so swimmingly for Tyrion…

00.19: Also last week – Littlefinger kept trying his “creepy manipulative” schtick on Sansa once again, but she wasn’t having it.

Baelish, as the kids say, got REKT. He didn’t need Daenerys’ dragons for that BURN, eh? Eh?


00.15: I mean, did they cast Jim Broadbent as the archmaester and then decide to include a lil joke? Just notice the story fitted it? Or did they cast him just to make a vague Harry Potter reference?

OR, OR is it all a big coincidence and we’re all big nerds who need to taste the summer air more?

Forget all the fan theories, I’ll be thinking about this one for a while…

00.08: Oh, and there was also a surprise Harry Potter crossover when Sam asked Professor Slughorn if he could go into the restricted section….

(Genuinely wonder if this was intentional, or whether we’re just reading too much into things ….)

00.06: So the big moments last week – Jon took on Sansa over how to rule the North, Arya killed half the Riverlands and met Ed Sheeran, Euron Greyjoy tried his best Take Me Out wooing of Cersei, the Hound revisited some characters from season 4 (bizarrely) and Daenerys walked around Dragonstone EXTREMELY slowly.

In fairness, there were a lot of steps for her to go up. Stannis must have had dynamite glutes before he died.

00.01: M’athchomaroon!* After last week’s slightly slow-burning episode (there must have been only, what, 50 deaths? Bit of a dull affair) we’re back to live blog Game of Thrones season 7’s second installment, and we’re hoping for big battles, romance, plenty of Littlefinger-choking (those last two hopefully not linked) and even some DIREWOLVES!

Yep, we’re pretty excited about the direwolves.

Still, before all that we have a couple of hours to kill with all the vigour of Arya Stark on an off day – so let’s take a look back at what happened in last week’s episode.

*that’s hello in Dothraki, you filthy casual.**


**OK no I didn’t know it either and just needed a random Game of Thrones-y way of saying hello, shut up.