Neighbours: Willow meets her real father and leaves Ramsay Street

Toadie bids an emotional farewell to Fake Dee's daughter next week


Willow Somers finally meets her biological father in Neighbours next week, and ends up leaving Erinsborough to live with him and her long-lost family. 


Receiving a message from the father she has never known, Willow is apprehensive when they arrange to meet for the first time. Taking Toadie Rebecchi – who she and her mum Andrea conned into thinking was her dad when she posed as his presumed-dead ex Dee Bliss – and pal Amy Williams along for moral support, the anxious teen comes face to face with Fergus. 

Overcoming her nerves thanks to good old Toadie’s encouragement, Willow fields all the questions she’s been carrying around with her for years to Fergus. Discovering she has two half-sisters, Willow is overwhelmed and needs some time alone to digest it all – leaving Toadie to grill Fergus on why he’s never been a part of the girl’s life.

As Fergus and Willow get to know each other, Toadie confides in Amy that while he realises reconnecting with her real dad is in Willow’s best interests, he’s sad at the thought of losing her as he’d started to think of her as one of his own. 

Willow then faces a dilemma when Fergus offers her the chance to come and live with them in his home town on a trial basis – if it doesn’t work out, she’s free to leave. But her main concern is not hurting Toadie’s feelings… 

After a heart-to-heart, Toadie tells Willow to do what’s right for her and that whatever happens, he’ll always be there if she needs him. Deciding to live with Fergus (let’s hope he’s nothing like Andrea), Willow asks Toadie to help her settle in before departing Ramsay Street. 

But as she says goodbye to Sonya, she warns her about the increasing closeness she’s clocked between Toadie and Amy – if Son wants her hubby back, she better get a move on…

Neighbours airs these scenes on Thursday 3 and Friday 4 August on Channel 5 at 1.45pm and 5.30pm.