Home and Away: Irene’s rapist son wants access to baby Luc

Ash and VJ are shocked at the news


There’s a tug of love in the offing in upcoming episodes of Home and Away when Irene’s jailed son Mick Jennings demands access to his baby daughter Luc Ashford – and even wants a paternity test to prove he’s got rights.


Irene reveals she has been secretly visiting her disturbed son in the psychiatric unit where he’s serving time for raping Billie, who later tragically died shortly after giving birth to Luc after falling pregnant as result of the sexual assault. 

Confiding in Olivia Fraser Richards that he’s trying to be rehabilitated, Reenie is pushed by the teenager to tell Billie’s widow VJ and brother Ash about Mick’s wishes – and they predictably flip.

Still reeling from the baby girl’s health scare where she almost died, VJ and Ash are determined to stop Mick from playing any part in Luc’s life but are stunned to hear if the criminal can prove he is her parent he will have some legal rights. Taking advice from Kat, they plan to get a solicitor and prepare to do battle.

VJ vows to fight for custody of the kid again, but after a chat with Ash he realises they need to work together if they are to protect the little girl from Mick. With a heavy heart, VJ agrees he won’t be pursuing custody after all as it would be for the wrong reasons.

But there’s another development set to affect Luc’s future when Ash tells girlfriend Kat that not only has he got a solicitor, he plans to adopt Luc with VJ and Irene’s full support. With Kat already struggling to play parent, she’s not exactly thrilled at her fella’s idea – or the fact he didn’t consult her first.

Will Ash’s fight for Luc mean the end of his relationship with Kat?

Home and Away airs these scenes on Monday 31 July and Tuesday 1 August on Channel 5 at 1.15pm and 6pm.