Coronation Street: Craig gets Neil to confess – here’s what happens next!

Will Bethany now report the predatory police officer?


Resourceful Craig Tinker has recorded twisted police boss Neil Clifton making a big confession in tonight’s Coronation Street.


The showdown came after Craig approached Neil and told him that he’d requested to be assigned a new mentor. An angry Neil then bundled Craig into his car, insisting that they needed to have a chat.

Secretly activating the record function on his phone, Craig proceeded to goad Neil, saying that he didn’t think that Bethany’s claims were groundless. In the end, Neil flipped and threatened Craig, telling him that he if he didn’t keep quiet, then Bethany could expect worse treatment than she’d endured before.


When Craig then expressed his incredulity at his boss’s actions, Neil lost his temper and insisted that Bethany had enjoyed having sex with him, as had all the young girls under Nathan’s control.

Now armed with evidence of Neil’s guilt, Craig later called round at Number 8 and – having played back the conversation to a shocked Bethany – resolved to make Nathan and Neil pay for their crimes.


Corrie fans don’t have long to wait to discover what happens next, seeing as we return to Weatherfield at 8.30pm. But those after a sneak peek can expect to see Bethany phone the police to report Neil, all of which leads to DC Leigh calling round at the house.

Awash with shame, Bethany describes how Neil cajoled her into having sex with Neil. DC Leigh then assures the emotional teen that Neil will feel the full force of the law. 

Back at the police station, Neil is then called in to see the chief inspector and – knowing the game is up – he shoots a look of hatred at Craig. But do the investigating officers now have enough evidence to bring charges?

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