Which of the Love Island Couples are fake – and who is really in love? The expert view…

We asked relationships guru Charly Lester which of the Love Island couples will stay together and who will have fallen out before they even leave the airport


Six weeks ago, 11 singletons entered the Love Island villa on a quest for romance. The aim of the game? To find a soulmate – but also to get their hands on the £50,000 cash prize. Millions of viewers have tuned in to watch the various couples but we’d be forgiven for being a little cynical about these burgeoning romances. After all, with a huge sum up for grabs for the winning couple, it’s never been more lucrative to be in love. 


So we asked relationship expert Charly Lester for her opinion on which couples are fake – and who will make it last outside the villa after Monday’s final. Here’s what she had to say…


Are they for real? Maybe. Kem is, but Amber is either faking it, or just really immature. I hope it’s immaturity, as Kem is one of the most genuine characters in the villa.


While Kem and Amber seem quite well matched – they are both young, honest about their lack of relationship experience, and very tactile – their coupling in the villa hasn’t been a smooth one. On various occasions Kem has seemed more into the relationship than Amber, and they only re-coupled because she got jealous about Casa Amor.  

While this was interpreted as her understanding her true feelings for Kem, I think it was more of a case of proving that she could have what she wanted, and get him back from the other girls. While this couple is very tactile and one of the most physically intimate in the house, Amber admitted during the lie detector test that she has had better sex with other people.

Will they make it outside the villa? 

Yes, but only for a few months. 


Are they for real? Yes. They are both honest and genuine.


Alex came into the house at just the right time for Montana, and she is clearly attracted to him. However I can’t help but feel that outside the house, Alex won’t stimulate Montana enough.  

Will they make it outside the villa? 

Yes, but not for long.


Are they for real? No. Chris clearly cares about Olivia, but she has stayed with him for the money.


Chris is clearly emotionally involved with Olivia, but she has repeatedly manipulated his feelings, and bullied him in a way that has become difficult to watch. Whenever she has been caught out, or realised that her actions are unpopular, she has responded defensively, lashing out at Chris and pushing him away. This has been the most dramatic relationship in the villa, often swinging from one extreme to the other – huge gestures of affection, coupled with screaming rows.  

Will they make it outside the villa? 


No. Anyone who cares about Chris will intervene the moment they leave the villa!