Sam Gowland and Georgia Harrison are dumped from Love Island – but want a future together on the outside

The new couple talk to about whether they found love and what Georgia *really* thinks of Tyla


Sam Gowland and Georgia Harrison have been dumped from Love Island after failing to win enough votes from the public.


The couple have, however, reassured us that this isn’t going to be the end of their journey. Speaking to and other press after leaving the villa, Georgia said of their budding relationship: “We’re definitely going to do some things when we get home and see how it goes.

“It’s still early days, but I’ve got quite high hopes to be honest,” she said. Crikey! Even after that lie detector test revealed that deep down she actually couldn’t see a future with Sam?

“Do you know what, it was a bit weird because I haven’t even thought into the future with Sam yet,” she says. “It was just at the very few days of seeing each other. But definitely in terms of short future we’re definitely going to go out, see how it goes.” Well, you can hardly blame them. It’s only been a week!


Where both Georgia and Sam did find genuine love was with the other islanders, as Georgia reveals that not only has she already got plans to go to Las Vegas for Halloween with Liv and Amber, but also that the whole of the Love Island inmates will be heading to Newcastle in August to celebrate Sam’s birthday.

“And we might even go to Jonny’s villa in Bali but I don’t think Tyla will be invited anymore,” she says. “And I doubt Mike will either! But the rest of us are still going to go…” Yeah, somehow we don’t think Tyla and Mike will be finding themselves included in that WhatsApp group.

It wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows for Sam and Georgia in the villa, though, as the pair also came to blows with the other islanders – most notably Georgia with Amber on day one, followed by the revelation that Olivia and Tyla had been talking about her behind her back.

Oh, and that was after Tyla had been crying a ton after Jonny’s exit – but then went for Mike straight afterwards despite Georgia also being interested in the King of Mug himself!


“In terms of the whole Tyla situation, I really liked Tyla – there was no animosity following that,” Georgia tells us. “At the end of the day, we were both single and she can do exactly what she wants to do. You go in there for yourself and you leave with yourself.

“I think with Jonny, the tears were massively over-dramatic. There was no denying that and I don’t think that did her any favours. I do think her feelings for him were genuine but I mean, you wouldn’t go like that in most situations. It was very over the top but I do love Tyla and I hope her and Mike work out. They’re very well-suited.”

But when it comes to the revelation that she had been talking badly about Georgia behind her back with Liv, Georgia was less impressed. “That was a hard one for me,” she says. “I mean, I expected it from Tyla because I have seen a bit of a snappy side to her, but Olivia is genuinely like my big sister so obviously I confronted her about it and she told me that it was only said on the first night, but the tweet actually referred to them as ‘fake friends’.


“So on my first night, I wasn’t her friend then but I haven’t had the chance to see the show so I’m not too sure exactly what was said about me. I’ve given her the benefit of the doubt and I really hope that she deserves it. I wouldn’t want to lose her as a friend in any way because I value her friendship massively.”

Sam had his own beef with Liv when the pair had a huge argument when Sam said that he thought Gabby was being fake about her feelings towards Marcel. Despite viewers seeing the pair having a right old barney, apparently they’re right as rain now!

“Liv and I had a little, well big, bust-up,” explains Sam. “But it only lasted 10 minutes, and then after 10 minutes we were back joking and pushing each other about. But that’s what me and Liv done – believe you me.

“I don’t know what’s shown, but that’s not the first time that’s happened and that’s not the last time that happens as well. When you’re mates and you’re so close and two firey people, it happens all the time. We had the best day ever yesterday!”

On the other couples, Sam also reckoned that Gabby and Marcel will “definitely pull through” the lie detector, but both him and Georgia are rooting for Kem and Amber to win.


“I think literally they are so close – they really do deserve it,” says Georgia. “As you can see from the lie detector yesterday, Amber can see herself getting married and having kids with Kem so I do think they’re really genuine.”

Another couple Georgia says are genuine are Chris and Liv. “They’re both really fiery people, they like to wind each other up and that’s what causes the attraction between them,” she says. “But at the end of the day they’re not trying to act like everything’s perfect when it isn’t, they will let their cracks show.”


Love Island airs at 9pm on ITV2.