It looks like Blazin’ Squad are getting back together thanks to Marcel being amazing on Love Island

See you at the Crossroads!


There are plenty of reasons to thank Love Island. It’s given our days some semblance of purpose for seven weeks and has brought Chris (and his rapping) into our lives.


Now, fresh from the news that Blazin’ Squad’s streams have been up 2,500% on Spotify since Marcel Somerville entered the villa, it looks as though we’ll be seeing the group get back together – with new music!

The band are already booked to perform at Now That’s A Festival on 12th August (Blue, B*Witched and S Club are also on the bill. How did we not know about this before?!) but the Squad could now be set to experience a full second coming after Love Island.

Speaking to Metro, Blazin’ Squad member Ollie said of a reunion: “It will be the original line up, obviously there’s ten of us. I’m not sure if all ten of us will be doing it, but there will be a good chunk of us doing it.

“It’s been a long while since a lot of us have been on stage and toured. Fingers crossed! We’ve had the offers from promoters so hopefully. If it can come together then all good.

“If we do do a tour and and start getting it all together then there will be new music,” he continued. “We wouldn’t rely on old stuff and a lot of it would be done by Marcel because he’s very creative.”

Marce should probably stop writing naff raps for himself and Kem and start working on some real music then. When he gets out of the villa, he’s going to think he’s been taken in a time warp back to 2002…

Love Island airs at 9pm on ITV2