What does Gabby say in Love Island’s lie detector test that gets her so worried?

Gabby is asked if she really loves Marcel – or if she is just with him because he's in Blazin' Squad


Love Island is full-on channelling The Jeremy Kyle Show tonight with the return of the lie detector test – and it looks like Gabby and Marcel could be bearing the brunt of the fallout.


As a text tells the islanders that they have to get “#polygrafting” (incredible), the girls are wired up and put under the spotlight as they answer questions that the boys have posed to them. Unsurprisingly, Gabby says she is “not excited” about the challenge beforehand.

In the test, Gabby’s questions include ‘are you with Marcel because he is in The Blazin’ Squad?’, ‘can you see a long term future with Marcel?’ and ‘do you genuinely love Marcel?’. The results of which could be a game-changer.

Let’s not forget that the last time Gabby was hooked up to a machine, it was that heart-rate monitor during the boys’ strip-tease that revealed her pulse went soaring for Theo – not Marcel. 

After the results are announced, Olivia later overhears Sam telling Chris that he thinks Gabby is “fake” – so just what does this lie detector throw up?!

When it comes to the other islanders, Olivia predicts beforehand that her test will “go down in flames” (you don’t say), while Montana describes it as her “worst nightmare”.

Amber is asked ‘do you trust Kem?’, ‘do you genuinely feel you love Kem?’, ‘is Kem the best you’ve ever had in bed?’ and ‘do you feel ready to be loyal to Kem for the foreseeable future?’, and Olivia is quizzed on whether she sees a future with Chris, if she trusts him and whether she really loves him.

Meanwhile Camilla is pushed on whether she thinks herself and Jamie are compatible, whether she’s looking forward to seeing how things with him go on the outside and if she thinks he’s a good kisser, and Montana is asked whether she feels love towards Alex or if she will be tempted by boys outside the villa once the show is over.

One thing’s for sure. It looks like this lot will definitely be needing the help of Jeremy Kyle and his aftercare team following tonight’s events…


Love Island airs at 9pm on ITV2