Tyla was voted off Love Island and it was about time

People were less than upset to see Tyla and Muggy Mike go home after they were dumped from the island


It can be really sad on Love Island when someone leaves the villa.


Dom exiting had the islanders in tears, they were all upset to see Theo go (despite the fact he’d offended everybody in there) and heck, even Jonny’s dumping left the remaining contestants balling their eyes out around the fire pit.

And then…Tyla and Mike were dumped from the villa after finding themselves at the bottom of the public vote. The islanders didn’t seem that upset, and viewers at home had this reaction: 

Poor Muggy Mike found himself to be the collateral damage after the public finally succeeded in voting out Tyla, who had caused a whole lotta trouble since she entered the villa.

If she wasn’t breaking up Jamilla, she was getting off with Mike about five minutes after she’d stopped crying about Jonny being dumped from the villa

One thing’s for sure: Aftersun this Sunday is going to be verrrrrry interesting.


Love Island airs at 9pm on ITV2.