EastEnders: Max tells Lauren to stand by Steven – even though he knows he’s lying!

Why does Max want to make his daughter's life a misery?


Just what is Max up to? Tonight’s EastEnders saw the conniving Mr Branning do some digging on Steven’s state of health, only to surprise viewers with his cliffhanger plea to daughter Lauren.


Scenes just broadcast saw Lauren open up to Max about Steven’s news that he has an inoperable brain tumour – a revelation that immediately raised his suspicions.

No stranger to a spot of duplicity himself, Max decided to get to the bottom of what’s going on by ringing the clinic that Steven claimed to have visited. Surprise, surprise – the clinic didn’t have any record of Steven having been there.

And yet, despite his discovery, Max ended up telling Lauren that she was doing the right thing standing by Steven because he’s so unwell.

But why is Max so keen for his daughter to stay in a relationship with someone who lies as easily as he does? Does he just want to make Lauren’s life a misery? Or does Max have another ulterior motive?

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