Does this new behind-the-scenes Han Solo picture reveal Chewbacca’s wife?

Two Wookies appear to be sharing a kiss on screen...


Han Solo director Ron Howard is teasing us. What looks like a funny photo of Star Wars fan favourite Chewbacca “checking the shot” could actually be a major clue – you just have to look very closely.


Howard, who recently took over from Phil Lord and Chris Miller to steer the movie through its final stages, posted a behind-the-scenes-image on Twitter. But look closely at the monitor partially out of the frame on the right hand side. Is that… is that two Wookies kissing? We’re almost certain it is.

But who would these Wookies be? One of them must be Chewie himself, but going back to the old Star Wars Expanded Universe novels, Chewbacca actually has a wife named Mallatobuck – or Malla for short. They even had a son, Lumpawaroo.

Sure, the Expanded Universe may not be strictly canon. But the standalone Han Solo movie could still draw inspiration from those novels – after all, Grand Admiral Thrawn made the leap from the Expanded Universe into the new Star Wars Rebels series.

Bringing Malla into Chewie’s story at this point would also make sense. As we dive into space smuggler Han’s backstory, why not take a look at his hairy best friend’s too?

Prepare for a love scene that mainly consists of Wookie noises…