Coronation Street: Michelle in danger as the Bistro is firebombed! Kym Marsh interview

"Things are going to get a lot worse for Michelle," reveals the Corrie star


Michelle and Robert face fresh tension in their relationship on next week’s Coronation Street thanks an attack on the Bistro that leaves them shaken. Upcoming scenes see someone daub RIP in spray paint on the wall, but worse is to come when Michelle catches someone hurling a Molotov cocktail at the door!


After Robert is then mugged, Michelle starts to wonder whether the attack and the vandalism are linked, little knowing that threats have of course been made by Robert’s old associate Rich, who used to supply the Bistro owner with cocaine. Could he be behind it all?

Couple all this with Chesney seeking compensation following his recent stabbing and you can see why Michelle and Robert are feeling the pressure. So will they make it through these latest crises? Here’s Kym Marsh with her take on events:

So, how has Michelle been feeling since Robert’s admission about his past?
She was totally taken by surprise as he is the most dependable, straight-talking man she’s ever met. But because he did the right thing and told the police about Rich, she’s accepted that it was his past and that it’s nothing to do with the man he is now.

Has it changed her feelings for him?
Initially, she was furious that he’d brought this trouble to their door, but she loves him and she’s prepared to accept that he has a past, as does she. For her, the fact that he told her is important after Steve lied to her.

How concerned is she about Chesney’s injuries?
She’s worried about him and both she and Robert are worried about how an attack like that will affect business. But for Michelle it’s more of a genuine concern for Chesney.

Why does she donate him the cash?
She overhears Sinead asking Aidan for an advance on her wages as Chesney is still off work, so she decides to go round to see him with a card and puts £200 inside the card.

Does she expect it to cause more problems than it solves?
She never for a moment thought that a gesture like that would cause them problems. She was just trying to be kind, so when Adam says that the money is an admission of guilt and will help Chesney’s personal injury claim, she’s devastated and Robert is furious with her.

What does she make of the ‘RIP’ attack?
She’s terrified – Robert has disappeared, so she’s left to try and clean it off herself. Robert returns having been mugged in town and then someone throws a homemade firebomb at the bistro. They both start to think that Rich is definitely behind all the problems they’ve been having.

How afraid is she of Rich’s repercussions?
She knows that he’s a very dangerous man who knows some very dangerous people, so yes she is terrified.

How is Robert dealing with everything that’s going on? Can he cope?
Robert is really struggling to cope with the fact that he’s brought all of these problems to their door. He hates that his past has caught up with him as he had put all that behind him and he can’t cope with the fact that he’s put Michelle at risk after everything she’s been through.

Is Michelle tempted just to leave him? If not, why not?
No, that’s the last thing on her mind. She’s determined that they’ll deal with this together. She loves him and he was there for her when she needed him most, so she’s not going to give up on him when he needs her.

How is she dealing with her split from Steve at this point?
She’s over Steve now – she still can’t forgive him for what he did and she just wants to move forward. That’s probably another reason why she isn’t going to give up on her and Robert.

Is Robert the right man for Michelle? If so, why?
Before we found out about his shady past, I’d have had said that he’s exactly what she needs as he’s dependable and wants to take care of her. But looking at it from the outside, is he just going to cause her more heartache and grief?

What advice would you give her?
Knowing what I do about Robert, I would tell her to be very careful. But you can also see that she does care about him and he has helped her through a terrible time. Some men would have run a mile, but he was a true gentleman and there aren’t many of those in Weatherfield!

There’s not been much respite for Michelle of late – what do you make of her lot at the moment?
She’s really been through the mill, which is great to play as an actress. But she deserves a break doesn’t she! She is a tough cookie and she always comes out the other end, but it would be nice to see her having a slightly easier time of it.

Are you enjoying Michelle and Robert’s partnership?
Yes, very much and this new storyline has meant that they’ve not just settled down and become comfortable.

What’s the best thing about working with Tristan Gemmill?
I’ve been very lucky with all the men I have worked with and Tristan is no exception – we get on really well and have a great laugh.

Are you still missing Simon Gregson?
Well I do still get to see him most days and he still winds me up and we have a laugh. But I think the ship has sailed for Michelle and Steve for the time being

Will life be looking up for Michelle any time soon?
I think things are going to get a lot worse for Michelle – we’ve filmed some pretty dramatic stuff in the past few weeks so watch this space.

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