EastEnders: Steven uses dog’s brain scan to prove he has cancer!

Lauren was taken in by the image of a dying pooch called Pudsey


Steven Beale’s fake cancer story took a macabre turn on tonight’s EastEnders when he used a brain scan image of a dog with an inoperable tumour to prove that he’s dying.


The photo was purloined by Abi from her work at the local vets’ after Steven told her that he was planning to be with her once he’d exacted revenge on Lauren.

With Steven saying that he wants Lauren to suffer, her aggrieved sister Abi was only too happy to be his co-conspirator, bringing home the scan of Pudsey, a Cavalier King Charles who is obviously in a much worse state than the conniving Mr Beale.

Cliffhanger scenes then saw Steven tell all about the supposedly perilous state of his health to Lauren, who promised to stand by him in his time of crisis.

Upcoming episodes of the BBC1 soap will now see Max start to get suspicious about what’s going on after Lauren chooses to confide in. But Steven looks set to up the ante again when he proposes to Lauren in a bid to ensure that she really does stay by his side.


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