Radio Times Podcast – what’s going to happen in Poldark series three episode six?

As Cornwall mourns the loss of a beloved Poldark stalwart we take a spoiler-free look ahead to next Sunday night's adventures


What’s going to happen in Poldark episode six? We expect that will be the question on everyone’s lips after Ross and co’s dramatic rescue of Dwight Enys and the tragic demise of Captain Henshaw.


Why Debbie Horsfield? WHY? (John Hollingworth reveals all here)

Of course life must go on in the mining community and with George still scheming to bring down his old rival there’s a lot more drama and misery to come. But who’ll be suffering? Well now, that IS the question.

Listen to the Radio Times Poldark podcast and you’ll get (at least some) of the answers. We are, of course, spoiler-free so fear not, we’ll not drop any major clangers – but for a sneak peek of what to expect from the very dramatic fifth episode, look no further…


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