Coronation Street: Eva and Adam join forces against cheating Aidan

The diva and the bad boy prepare to take Mr Connor to the cleaners


Eva Price’s revenge plot against cheating boyfriend Aidan Connor takes a twist in next week’s Coronation Street when the betrayed blonde recruits Adam Barlow as an ally in her quest to ruin the philandering factory boss.


Of course Adam knew about Aidan’s affair with homewrecking hairdresser Maria Connor long before Eva herself did, and has been blackmailing the cobbles Casanova for weeks. On Monday, cash-strapped Aidan contemplates how he’s going to afford the new flat for him, Eva and their non-existent (although he doesn’t know that…) baby, unaware Eva is deliberately fleecing him.

The bullying Mr Barlow turns the screws on Aidan who refuses to pay for Adam’s silence – so, armed with the photograph of Aidan and Maria snogging, he orders Aidan confess all to Eva. In a tense showdown between the threesome, Eva panics as she realises Adam must know Aidan’s secret and is forcing Aidan to come clean… which would mean the end of her elaborate revenge plan.


Creating a diversion by pretending to faint, Eva delays the ‘revelation’ and later arranges to meet Adam in secret where he shows her the picture of Aidan with Maria. Begging Adam to stop blackmailing her fiance for the sake of their ‘baby’, the cocky Scot reluctantly agrees.

However, spying an opportunity to make life miserable for his old rival, Adam aligns himself with the wronged woman and declares he’s Team Eva all the way – and starts giving her advice as to how she can really take Aidan to the cleaners – starting with the idea she ‘suggests’ to Aidan they put the flat in her name, before hitting Mr Connor where it would really hurt: the factory… 


Ordering Eva to make Aidan give her more responsibility at Underworld with an eye to eventually taking control, Friday’s episode sees the employees shocked at Ms Price’s suspiciously rapid promotion as the younger Mr Connor announces she’ll be moving into the office to properly learn the ropes of the business.

Jenny and Alya’s noses are seriously put out of joint, but when Aidan then reveals Eva is pregnant and is swapping the shop floor for the management office on medical grounds the staff are forced to grin and bear it. 

With Eva now in prime position to mess with her boyfriend’s family business as part of her payback, what other sick schemes can new BFF Adam encourage her to do? Despite her insistence that Aidan suffers, she may regret getting into bed (figuratively speaking) with the devious legal eagle… Either that or she’s found the perfect partner in crime.    

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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