Channel 4 reveals first look at Isis drama The State from Wolf Hall director Peter Kosminsky

The State will follow four Brits as they leave home to live under the Islamic State


The first trailer for Channel 4’s new Isis drama The State has arrived – and, yes, it’s as chilling as you’d expect.


From Peter Kosminsky – the multi-award-winning Wolf Hall writer/director – comes a series following the lives of four Britons who travel to join join so-called Islamic State.

Promising unflinching detail, the four-part series follows British women and men as they travel to Raqqa in Syria, only to get caught in the crossfire of the terror regime.

As with his previous projects, such as Channel 4 drama Britz (about a British Muslim family in post 9/11 Britain), Kosminsky has been meticulous with his research, with The State based on first-hand accounts compiled by the director.

“After a year of extensive research, Peter has written a fascinating fictional story that sheds light on an unknown and unimaginable world,” said Beth Willis, Channel 4 Head of Drama. “This is a deeply authentic drama through which we are able to question and confront an incredibly complex, divisive and urgent global issue.”


The State is coming soon to Channel 4