Amazon reveals first look at The Grand Tour series two – and Richard Hammond’s crash

Amazon Prime Video's new trailer teases what's in store for Jeremy Clarkson & co


Amazon has released the first trailer for The Grand Tour season two – and, yes, Richard Hammond’s lucky escape does feature.


The accident that left the presenter in hospital with a broken leg has become the spectacle that fans can’t help but gawp at; now the first footage of the new series shows Hammond getting ready for his fateful race by strapping on his helmet and saying, “Watch this”.

Hammond has said that he thought he was going to die in the accident while driving the all-electric Rimac Concept One supercar.

Richard Hammond’s car after the crash: “I thought I’d had it” he said

Jeremy Clarkson and James May also join in the fun in the new trailer, which features shots of the trio travelling through Mozambique, crashing through a shopping mall, and sliding across crisp white snow.

The trailer is currently only available to Amazon Prime Video subscribers on the Amazon website.

UPDATE Amazon has now released the new trailer for everyone to watch. Check it out below


A release date for The Grand Tour season two has not yet been confirmed. Despite earlier reports claiming filming could be delayed as a result of Hammond’s crash, the presenter later claimed that the series was still on track: “The short answer is we can without changing any of the films we’d planned, without adjusting anything in the show this series, we can complete it.”