Emmerdale: Emma makes big confession to Laurel – but then cruelly twists the truth!

Emma spread lies about Ashley in tonight's episode of the ITV soap


Emmerdale’s Emma has confessed to Laurel that a video did exist of her upsetting an ailing Ashley – but the bonkers Barton matriarch also made sure that she put a twisted new spin on events.


During a graveside showdown during which a suspicious Laurel demanded to know the truth, Emma admitted that she had used harsh words during a conversation with Ashley, but only because he was talking about James as though he was still alive.

Emma explained that because she was so grief-stricken, she just couldn’t cope with Ashley talking as though James was still in the land in the living.


But as fans of the ITV soap know, Emma set out to deliberately confuse Ashley after he remembered seeing her on the road bridge just as her husband James fell to his death.

However, when Laurel asked her about this, Emma lied and said that Ashley had also claimed to have seen the likes of Laurel, Sandy and his own mother up on the bridge.


For her part, Laurel seems convinced by Emma’s version of events. At the moment, at least. But with Emma still privately fretting about all the lies she’s having to tell, it can surely only be a matter of time before the full truth is revealed?

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