Coronation Street: Is Pat Phelan really dying?

Could the dodgy builder be killed off as he reunites with his long-lost daughter?


Coronation Street is lining up a death riddle on the cobbles next week as villainous Pat Phelan is confronted by estranged daughter Nicola Rubinstein who claims to know he’s been hiding a devastating secret – he’s dying! Can this really be true?


Having turned her back on Phelan following the shock revelation he could be her biological father, as a result of an affair with her late mother many years before, Nicola has kept to her word that she wants nothing more to do with the dodgy builder.

On Monday, frustrated Phelan clashes with young apprentice Seb Franklin when the lad catches his boss trying to track down Nicola (also Seb’s former case worker) and the lad is fired. Questioning Eileen what’s got up Pat’s nose, Mrs P confides in the kid that Nicola could be Phelan’s long-lost daughter.

Eileen then confesses to her husband she tried to smooth things over with Nicola by visiting her in secret a while back, only for her plan to backfire and push her further away.

Phelan is fuming, thinking there’s no way he’ll ever get to see the girl again and know for sure whether or not he’s her daddy – so he’s shocked when Nicola turns up at the yard on Wednesday.    

Surprised but delighted, Phelan and Nicola go for a drink – but Pat is confused as to why his possible offspring is suddenly being friendly. 

As they get chatting, Phelan gets the feeling she genuinely wants to get to know him – then comes the bombshell from Nicola that she knows Pat is dying, and that’s why she’s sought him out… How has she come to this conclusion? Is it true? Has she got the wrong end of the stick? Would Corrie really plan to kill off poisonous but popular Pat? 

While everyone reels from this twist, in Friday’s episode Nicola is back in the street when she calls at the house with a request that Pat take a DNA test so they can finally learn the truth. 

Phelan dutifully does the test and hands the swab back to Nicola, who promises to get in touch as soon as she gets the results… 

What’s inspired Nicola’s desperation to do the test? Is it because of this mysterious possible health crisis? Will the results be what either of them wants to here? Or is there more going on here than meets the eye? 

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week on Coronation Street below.


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