Hollyoaks: Scott Drinkwell meets his secret brother on Friday

Will he reveal his true identity to hunky newcomer Damon Kinsella?


Hollyoaks newcomer Damon Kinsella makes his screen debut later this week when viewers get their first glimpse of Jacob Roberts in action as the long-lost half-brother of Scott Drinkwell.


Troubled Scott has been struggling with the rejection dished out by real mum Maggie, after discovering a few months back that he was adopted. When he found out Maggie went on to have another son after giving Scott away who she kept, the devastated Drinkwell felt even more unwanted and was driven to the brink of suicide.

As he leaves hospital and begins the long road to recovery from his severe depression, Scott gets a job at Price Slice in Friday’s E4 episode. But it’s too much too soon and he can’t cope when he’s left alone at the shop. 

Turning again to Maggie in the hope his mum will want to forge a relationship, Scott is disappointed once again when she tells him to leave her alone. 


Learning Maggie’s other son – his brother – Damon runs a local bar, Scott can’t help being curious about connecting with his long-lost family and heads off to meet him. However, he doesn’t reveal his true identity to the chirpy barman – yet…

Scott opens up about his past to friendly Damon in Tuesday’s E4 showing, and the pair look like they’re becoming firm friends. Damon gives Scott his number and tells him he can call any time if he needs a friendly chat. As far as Damon’s concerned, he’s just being nice to a lonely punter – but for Scott, there’s much more at stake…


Desperate to fit in with his secret family, but scared of being rejected again, will Scott tell Damon who he is and the real reason he tracked him down? And what impact will meeting his brother have on Scott’s fragile mental health?

Hollyoaks continues weeknights on E4 at 7pm, and on Channel 4 at 6.30pm.