Neighbours: Toadie forced to choose between Willow and Sonya next week

Mr Rebecchi's concern for Fake Dee's daughter could mean the end of his marriage...


Toadie and Sonya Rebecchi’s marriage crisis continues in Neighbours next week when the continued presence of Willow Somers in Ramsay Street threatens to derail any hope of a reconciliation. But when Toad decides to get an apartment for him and the troubled teen, how will Sonya take the news?


Willow is grateful to have been taken in by Toadie since she fled her minxy mum Andrea, who posed as missing Dee Bliss to con the Rebecchis of out of cash and ended up seducing Toadie and wrecking his relationship with Sonya.

But living with Shane and his brood means it’s a pretty packed house, so Toadie gets an apartment at Erinsborough’s Eclipse development for him and Willow to rent.


When Sonya hears Jarrod and Fake Dee’s daughter have moved in together, she struggles to hide her hurt that her hubby has seemingly put Willow before her. Despite the fact Toadie and Son are getting on better, Willow worries the very fact she’s even there is hampering the progress of the couple ever forgiving and forgetting.

Confiding in Amy Williams about absent parents and fractured upbringings, Willow wonders whether she should leave town so the Rebecchis can put the whole Andrea debacle behind them. But where would she go?

The chat with Willow gives Amy food for thought, and she asks Mark Brennan whether his investigations into imposter Andrea revealed anything about Willow’s biological father. 

Unfortunately, the cute cop hit a dead end on that front – but could tracking down Willow’s real dad be the answer to everything? Possibly – as long as he’s nothing like the kid’s mum…

Neighbours airs these scenes on Tuesday 18 and Wednesday 19 July on Channel 5 at 1.45pm and 5.30pm.