Life imitated House of Cards when Trump met Putin

Fans of the Netflix series couldn’t help noticing a similarity


This week saw the coming together of world leaders at the G20 summit, with many commentators noting that this would be the first time that US President Donald Trump met Vladimir Putin after months of complementing the Russian President.


And meet they did – but the occasion was rather overshadowed for some when TV fans noticed that the pair’s sit-down chat bore an astonishing resemblance to a scene from Netflix series House of Cards, specifically one from the drama’s third season between President Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) and Russian President Viktor Petrov (Lars Mikkelsen).

Of course, it’s not too surprising to see Putin with a similar expression to Petrov – the character seemed to draw a fair bit of inspiration from the real-life figure, down to posing shirtless for photos – but it’s another reminder that in these turbulent times, life can frequently be as strange as (if not stranger than) fiction.


House of Cards is available to stream on Netflix now