Nicole Kidman, Millie Bobby Brown, Claire Foy and Riz Ahmed join forces for a rendition of Spice Girls’ Wannabe

Is this what you really, really want?


In honour of the 21st (hmm…) anniversary of the Spice Girls’ debut single Wannabe on 8th July, W magazine have shared the latest video in their Lyrical Improv series, in which a hoard of stars put their own personal spin on the song.


Among them are self-confessed Spice Girls obsessive Millie Bobbie Brown, James Franco and The Crown’s Claire Foy.

Brown is certainly the most enthusiastic, but Nicole Kidman’s sultry, seductive take is the clear winner. Watch below.

The magazine also asked the stars to name their favourite Spice Girl.


Millie Bobby Brown, Claire Foy and Nicole Kidman have a soft spot for Posh Spice, while James Franco and Big Little Lies star Alexander Skarsgard have plumped for Baby.

But Homeland’s Rupert Friend is clearly in need of spicing up his life: “I don’t – uh, I don’t have a favorite.”