Home and Away: Brody goes on the run after drug-induced meltdown

The search begins after he flees following a robbery


Brody Morgan’s descent back into drug addiction is set to be discovered in upcoming episodes of Home and Away – with devastating consequences for his horrified family. 


Newcomer Scarlett Snow, who Brody has been staying with while he claims to be recovering from his dalliance with drugs, starts to suspect her housemate is back on the gear and her worst fears are confirmed when she finds a bag of illegal substance hidden in his van.

Confronting Justin with the damning evidence his little brother has been lying about getting clean, Scarlett and the eldest Morgan demand answers from busted Brody – who flies into a drug-induced violent rage at the pair.

Later, Scarlett discovers her place has been ransacked and many items taken – including a bracelet with mysteriously sentimental value and $10,000 in cash. Brody is nowhere to be seen… Has he robbed his friend?

The next day, the Morgans refuse to believe Brody is responsible for the break-in, but after initial hesitation and some pressure from betrayed Scarlett they report the burglary and Brody’s disappearance to the boys in blue.

To everyone’s surprise a calm and focused Brody then turns up at the Morgans, claiming he’s got his head together and is ready for rehab. Denying all knowledge of the robbery, Brody agrees to give a statement to Kat down at the station.

But as his cover story gets increasingly muddled it becomes clear he’s not being totally truthful… Asking for a break in the interrogation to grab a bite to eat, Brody seizes his chance to do a runner – leaving Kat and the Morgans distraught at his deceitful actions.

Copper Kat tracks Brody down via his phone but when they get to the location he’s already fled, but has left his abandoned handset, a wallet – and Scarlett’s missing bracelet… Kat later confirms Brody’s fingerprints were found all over Scarlett’s safe, and that he was guilty of the robbery all along.  

The hunt begins for Brody as Justin, Mason and Tori fear their brother could be a danger to himself. Will they find him before it’s too late?

Home and Away airs these episodes on Tuesday 18 and Wednesday 19 July on Channel 5 at 1.15pm and 6pm.