Emmerdale: see Aaron left shocked by Robert’s rash actions – watch the full scene

So, #Robron fans - what do you make of Robert's extreme gesture?


#Robron are on the rocks again in next week’s episodes of Emmerdale when they fall out over money – and let’s just say that Robert’s course is action is quite a radical one.


In the episode to be shown next Tuesday, Robert makes an attempt to prove that he doesn’t consider his finances to be more important than his relationship when he burns £100,000.

You can get a first look at the scene right here when Robert makes the rash move of throwing the briefcase full of cash onto a brazier, much to the surprise of Aaron.

But will the admittedly crazy gesture be enough to ease the tensions between them?

Watch the scene from Tuesday’s episode below. Beneath that, there’s a 60-second rundown of all next week’s drama on Emmerdale

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