Meet Gogglebox’s Moffatt family

From the fluffy slippers to her searing sofa commentary, there's nothing we don't love about Scarlett Moffatt, but who is she? Where are the family from? And what on earth does she do for a living?


Who are they?

Dad Mark (49), mum Betty (45) and daughter Scarlett (24) make up the Moffatts, one of Gogglebox’s most beloved northern families. Youngest daughter Ava (9) heads to bed while the family are filming because it’s past her bedtime.


Where do they live and what do they do?

The Moffats are based in Bishop Auckland, County Durham. Mum Betty works at Burton, dad Mark is a welder who makes JCBs and daughter Scarlett – who often comes under fire for “probably not having a job” on Twitter – is a disability advisor for students.

Did Scarlett do reality TV before Gogglebox?

You might recognise little Ms Moffatt from MTV’s Beauty School Cop Outs, a show that followed the fortunes of a group of people sent to work in a Manchester salon.

She could never do Strictly though, she says, because she’s actually trained in ballroom dancing. She started tapping her toes when she was only six years old.

Stay up to date on Twitter

The Moffatts have their own Twitter account (@GoggleboxMoffs) so you can keep up with their TV escapades between episodes.

And get an insight into their star on the rise, Ava.

Scarlett’s a prolific tweeter too (@ScarlettMoffatt), who is as willing to share her strong opinions online as she is on air.

Her Bake Off and CBB commentary has been a highlight of the summer for many.

What’s their Gogglebox style?

Never judge a book by its cover because smart-talking Scarlett is no Geordie Shore dolly. She’ll blow you away with something witty or insightful within five minutes of tuning in. And she’ll do it from the comfort of her armchair in her seriously snazzy furry slippers. It’s easy to see where she gets it from: Mark and Betty are equally likely to come out with classy comments. This is one clued-in clan.

And their best quotes…

On documentary Mind The Gap

“I’d be afraid to ask someone the time in London in case they thought you were a terrorist or something.” – Scarlett

On the Grand National when nobody in the house backed a winner

“You pick horses like she picks boyfriends.” – Mark Moffatt

On Love for Sale with Rupert Everett

“I don’t like seeing Rupert like this. I like seeing him singing ‘The Moment I Wake Up’. Not dancing around with f—–g whores.” – Scarlett


In action

Scarlett’s speaks sagely while watching Simon Cowell: