Hollyoaks: Warren’s fling stays secret from Sienna, but is he falling for Grace?

Or are the pair just playing each other?


The dangerous affair between Hollyoaks’ Warren Fox and Grace Black remains a secret from Foxy’s fiancee Sienna Blake, for now, but could it be hotting up into something more than physical?


Following on from yesterday’s cliffhanger, tonight’s E4 episode started with Sienna about to discover her fella’s fling with the glamorous gangster as she called round to Grace’s place having been secretly summoned by devious Ms Black hoping she’d catch her and Warren in the act.

Warren kept Grace quiet so Sienna thought there was no one home, and the dastardly duo’s dalliance remained under wraps. Fuming Warren threatened Grace to keep away from Sienna and that she’d regret trying to blackmail him, leading to a full-on meltdown from Grace as she trashed the Loft.

Breaking down, emotional Grace revealed the reason she’s making life difficult for Warren is because she’s so desperate to get ownership of the club back as it’s the only reminder she has of her dead ex Trevor Royle, who was stabbed to death by Sienna’s psycho daughter Nico.

Warren was struck by her honesty, and when Grace later confronted him and Sienna in the village and chose not to reveal their affair, the grateful bad boy secretly visited his bit on the side and offered her joint ownership of the club.

So Grace has got what she wanted now she has the Loft back (well, half of it, but you’ve got to start somewhere…) but we definitely detected a fondness between the frenemies with benefits creeping in – could their passionate, dangerous and sexy fling be turning into something with – gasp – genuine feelings?

Or is Warren playing the long game and offering Grace half the club as a way of keeping her close, just so she doesn’t blab his betrayal to Sienna? Who’s really got the upper hand here?

Either way, it’s clear the attraction between Hollyoaks’ homicidal couple runs deeper than it seems – but if they properly fall for each other, what does that mean for Foxy’s future with Sienna and their unborn twins?       

Hollyoaks continues weeknights on E4 at 7pm and on Channel 4 at 6.30pm.