Hollyoaks: Darcy’s ex turns up claiming to be Toby’s dad!

Jimmy Essex and Nikki Sanderson discuss this bombshell for Adam and Maxine…


Adam Donovan is dealt a devastating blow in Hollyoaks next week when a stranger turns up in the village claiming to be the real father of Toby Wilde – the kid Adam has spent the last few months thinking was his. Has dastardly Darcy been lying about her son’s parentage all along?


Little Toby is rushed to hospital in tonight’s E4 episode and Darcy and the Donovans face an anxious wait for news. But on Monday, in the midst of the kiddy’s health crisis, a man called Marcus turns up at the ward baring gifts for Toby – and claims he’s his dad.

But is he telling the truth? Did devious Darcy deliberately lie about Adam being Toby’s dad to hoping that eventually she’d win him back? Or does Marcus have a grudge against Darcy and just wants to cause trouble?

Jimmy Essex, who plays Adam, says his character is crushed at the possibility he might not be Toby’s daddy, while Nikki Sanderson, aka Adam’s wife Maxine, is not surprised Darcy could’ve stooped this low – and hopes this means she’s seen the back of her love rival. We got the lowdown on a dramatic week for the Donovans from the pair, starting with how Maxine makes a big mistake that has life-threatening consequences…

How does Toby end in hospital?

Nikki: Adam and Maxine are at their new beach bar they’ve opened outside Lisa’s Loveboat. Darcy leaves a message on Adam’s phone regarding Toby’s illness, but when Maxine hears it she presumes Darcy is lying and deletes it before Adam can hear it. However, it turns out Toby is genuinely very ill. The following day, a man turns up at the hospital claiming to be Toby’s father – Maxine goes mad and Adam takes a paternity test…

How do Maxine and Adam feel when they discover Darcy was telling the truth about Toby’s illness?

Jimmy: Maxine is obviously gutted, because it’s just another thing that Adam is going to be mad at her for that involves Darcy. She is also really upset because she has a child of her own so can relate. Adam is gutted he wasn’t there for Toby, he hasn’t been there for him his whole life so any opportunity to make up for that now he’ll want to take – so he’s fuming at Maxine.

How do they react when Marcus introduces himself as Toby’s dad?

N: As much as Maxine is shocked, she’s not surprised. She kind of suspected something like this would happen. I also think Maxine is probably secretly excited, because she thinks Adam will finally get rid of Darcy! But she’s still gutted for her husband, because she knows how much he loves Toby.

J: Adam is devastated. He gets a DNA test and speaks to Maxine about how he’ll feel if he finds out he isn’t Toby’s father. He’s also confused about how to be around Toby while he’s waiting for the results.

Did either of them suspect Darcy could be lying about Toby’s real father?

N: Maxine definitely would have had some sort of doubt in her mind. Maxine knows Darcy is capable of lying about something like that to get Adam back, but I think she did believe that Toby was Adam’s son.

J: Adam puts Darcy on some sort of pedestal and I don’t think he’d believe that she would lie about something as big as this.

How will Adam feel if he isn’t Toby’s father?

J: Absolutely devastated. All he’s ever wanted was a child and he loves having that with Minnie, but having his own little boy has been a dream of his. I think that could be it for him and Darcy as well.

And how will Maxine feel if Darcy has been lying this whole time about who Toby’s real father is?

N: It will be mixed feelings I think. She will be happy because she knows there’s no coming back from this for Darcy, but she would also be extremely upset because she knows how much Toby means to Adam. She will be devastated for her husband, but elated for herself…

Hollyoaks continues weeknights on E4 at 7pm and on Channel 4 at 6.30pm.