Channel 4’s lost survival series Eden WILL return to TV after all

The TV show that sent 23 contestants into the wild and then stopped broadcasting will finally explain what happened later this August


Remember all those stories about the Channel 4 survival series that was supposed to run all year but instead left its contestants sitting in the wilderness with nobody watching? Well, good news! The series will begin airing again this summer.


Quick recap: last year Channel 4 launched Eden, a year-long ‘social experiment’ where 23 men and women left civilisation to start a new life in the wild Scottish highlands. Left to fend for themselves in March, the series launched with four episodes in the summer of 2016.

Channel 4 promised that future episodes would reveal how the contestants adapted to their off-grid existence. But then… nothing.

Only four episodes in total were screened, the last airing in August. Since then nothing has been seen of the TV show, although the contestants have continued to live in their wild community.

According to reports, none of those taking part were told that the TV show had actually been taken off air, but now, finally, we will find out what happened to them all.

Channel 4 has announced that the show will return later this August, filling in what took place after the show stopped airing.

“Filmed over a year, the programme makers observed from a distance as the cast filmed everything themselves and documented life as it unfolded over 12 months,” a statement from Channel 4 explains. “But were those in Eden able to completely resist the lure of modern living? And without societal constraints was the promise of utopia actually realised, or did life in Eden descend into something that no-one could have predicted?”


So, perhaps we’ll finally get some answers as to what exactly happened in that strange corner of Scotland – even if we may never learn why it took so long.