Will Emerald Fennell’s Patsy return to Call The Midwife?

The young nurse has left Nonnatus House to care for her sick father - when will she be back?


Series six of Call The Midwife has been all about new arrivals and sad departures and episode two was no exception as Emerald Fennell’s nurse Patsy Mount packed her bags.


After learning of her father’s terminal illness in episode one, Patsy had been struggling to decide whether or not she should head to Hong Kong but, after helping an expectant mother defy the odds and give birth to a healthy baby, nurse Mount made the difficult decision to head home.

Will Emerald Fennell’s Nurse Patsy return to Call The Midwife?

Don’t worry, he have it on good authority that you haven’t seen the last of Patsy Mount.

“I’ve loved Patsy Mount since the day I created her and Emerald Fennell’s performance is so wonderful it just made me and 10 million more love her” writer Heidi Thomas told RadioTimes.com.

“Patsy and Delia’s love story is not over but Emerald needed to take some time away to deal with some writing projects. She’s a very, very talented writer so she just took a little bit of time away during this series.”


When will Patsy be back on Call The Midwife?

Fennell should return at some point in the not too distant future so, just like her beloved Delia, we’ll simply have to wait it out.