Home and Away: Zac leaves the Bay in emotional exit scenes next week

It's all over for him and Leah...


Home and Away will air Zac MacGuire’s exit in upcoming episodes, as the teacher departs Summer Bay for good and actor Charlie Clausen leaves after four years in the role.


Having discovered Hunter King is not in fact his biological son, devastated Zac contemplates leaving for Vietnam to join niece Evie and husband Matt to start afresh. And with Leah signing divorce papers signalling the end of his marriage, Mr MacGuire wonders where it all went wrong and what’s really left for him in the Bay – other than a bundle of bad memories…

Making peace with Hunter after a DNA test revealed the bombshell they are not biologically related, Zac announces his decision to leave and asks VJ, Nate and Alf to keep an eye on Hunter. Just because he’s not his real dad, doesn’t mean he’s stopped caring about the kid… But with Leah livid that Zac missed their meeting with the divorce lawyers (because he was reeling from the Hunter news), it appears the exes will part on very bad terms.

Zac writes Leah a letter, but she has no idea he’s leaving and refuses pal Marilyn’s suggestion she try and clear the air. As Hunter prepares to drive Zac to the airport, Alf tells Leah Zac is off to Vietnam and also reveals the paternity shock, as she finds the note he left her.

Convincing Hunter to say a proper goodbye to Leah, Zac finds his former wife on the pier and the pair have an emotional farewell. Apologising for the part they both played in the breakdown of the relationship, Zac and Leah sob as they admit they will always love each other but it’s time to let go and move on.

With Zac gone, lonely Leah leaves through her wedding album back home, while Hunter mourns losing the only father figure he ever had – and ponders tracking down his real dad, who is still out there somewhere…

Home and Away airs Zac’s final scenes on Tuesday 11 July on Channel 5 at 1.15pm and 6pm.