Hollyoaks: Chelsee Healey reveals Goldie’s exit storyline

Her final scenes before maternity leave air next week


Goldie McQueen departs Hollyoaks next week – but don’t worry, it’s only temporary as actress Chelsee Healey takes maternity leave from the soap.


This week, Goldie’s son Prince robbed the Lovedays’ flat in a desperate bid to raise some money after his dodgy dad Shane Sweeney stole Goldie’s savings. Not wanting to see her boy behind bars, Goldie has decided to take the blame for the burglary – but in doing so she sets off a chain of events that sees her driven out of the village in dramatic fashion…

“Because her boys are Goldie’s world, she takes the rap for Prince,” says Healey. “She knows she’s going to go down if she sticks around, so she decides to do a runner!”

In tonight’s E4 episode, shifty Shane makes his ex an offer she’s surprisingly tempted by – to go on the run from the cops together. McQueen matriarch Myra is furious Goldie is even considering it, and forces her to go to court and face the robbery charges. Is Goldie not worried about leaving Prince and Hunter behind?

“I think they will be fine, but the three of them are so close so they would definitely miss her,” shares Healey. “If Goldie does go she plans to leave them with Myra, so she’s definitely left them in capable hands. Goldie hopes that they stick on the straight and narrow.”

But on Monday, and despite Myra’s protests, Goldie panics and flees from the court, taking money from best friend Jesse Donovan to fund her escape plan. As she’s about to skip town, Copper Ryan Knight catches her…

Whether Goldie ends up behind bars or goes on the run will be revealed in Monday’s instalment, which is Healey’s last episode for the moment, but later next week Shane is still around and trying to get his feet under the table at the McQueens…

“Shane is bad for the boys,” says Healey. “She’s always warned them not to get involved in anything their dad is doing. It’s definitely a concern for Goldie because she knows Shane would encourage them to get into trouble, so she doesn’t want the boys to have contact with their father if she’s not going to be around. Whether they do or not is a different story.” 

Healey is preparing for the birth of her first child with boyfriend Jack Malloy, but Hollyoaks have confirmed she will return to the show following her maternity leave. “I’m already missing it a lot,” she admits. “And I know I’ll miss seeing everyone, especially my on-screen family. But I can’t wait to get back, hopefully with a storyline I can really get my teeth into that shows another side of Goldie. Something hard-hitting.

“Becoming a mum its going to be life changing for me and for the better as well. Just knowing that I created another life is mind blowing – I’m really excited!” 

Hollyoaks continues weeknights on E4 at 7pm and on Channel 4 at 6.30pm.