Coronation Street: Eva reveals pregnancy lie!

Turns out she's not expecting Aidan's baby...


Eva has admitted what Coronation Street fans have been suspecting: that she isn’t actually pregnant with Aidan’s baby.


The first episode of tonight’s double bill saw Eva confide in Leanne that she’d lied and told Aidan that a pregnancy test was positive.

After her judgement was called into question, Eva said that she wanted to punish Aidan for his affair with Leanne, revealing that she planned to look him in the eye and reveal the truth just as he was getting used to the idea of becoming a dad.


Despite Leanne’s concerns, it seems that Eva has no intention of backing down: a recent promo saw Eva vow to take Aidan for everything he had, her first step being to splash out on a pink Range Rover that she’d paid for using his credit card.

So how far will Eva go? Expect more drama when Coronation Street returns at 8.30pm…

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s drama on Coronation Street below.


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