Hollyoaks: rapist Nick Savage sentenced to 7 years in prison

Can Holly and Ellie finally move on from their nightmare?


Hollyoaks has aired the outcome of Nick Savage’s rape trial in tonight’s E4 episode. 


In dramatic scenes, confirmed as actor Ben Ryan-Davies’ exit from the show, Nick was sentenced to seven years in prison and was told he must serve at least three and a half.

Earlier in the episode Holly Cunningham was furious with mum Cindy for not revealing her ex was being sentenced that day. Determined to face him, she and Ellie Nightingale – whose case against Nick sexually assaulting her initially collapsed due to lack of evidence – headed to the court.

Awaiting his fate, a remorseful Nick had a heart-to-heart with Tegan Lomax, where he admitted regretting his actions and expressed his fear at facing prison.

After an angry public showdown where DS Armstrong had to physically hold back Holly from attacking her former boyfriend, the seven-year sentencing was revealed and Nick was taken to a cell to begin his stint behind bars. 

Holly and Ellie ended the episode looking to the future hopeful of putting their ordeal behind them. 

Hollyoaks have worked closely with organisations such as The Mix and Rape Crisis since embarking on the sexual consent storyline last autumn, and the plot has received praise for tackling the taboo topic. The single-strand episode focusing on Ellie and Nick and the issue of consent from last September was nominated for Best Single Episode at this year’s British Soap Awards.    

But there could be more drama ahead for Holly as creepy DS Armstrong became the Cunninghams’ new lodger – will his obsession with Cindy put the whole family in danger? 

Hollyoaks continues weeknights on E4 at 7pm and on Channel 4 at 6.30pm.